Well Killy is off and racing and enjoying her time in the new expansion.


Over the weekend, I got to try out 2 of the new zones in Everfrost.   My trusty companions and I went for a wee run through the Scion of Ice and Anathema (?sp)   The zones were very pretty, and it was kind of fun figuring out the new zones together.  Also managed a quick run through RE2 to hand in our quests and have another crack at the cloaks but… le sigh no joy.


I must admit I did find myself a little frustrated at one point questing in the Moors.   It took me easily half an hour to finish one quest to kill 12 Sokokar.  Between all the stuns and stifles her dps was just ATTROCIOUS.   I swear it took me about 2 minutes each kill.  ACT told me so lol.   But such is the life of a Templar.


I also have tried out the crafting missions from the Isle of Mara.  I MUST have my unicorn :p.   So I have completed one of the group missions and one of the solo missions so am on my way.  Got my girl a nice tradeskill necklace for completing the group mission too.


Monday night then saw us hitting the Shard of Hate.   What we as a guild have been doing for a little while, is hosting a pick up raid and inviting folks from other guilds to join us.  It has worked out pretty well, and has been really nice to meet folks from other guilds on the server. 


So in Shard of Hate we have been killing the first 3 named.  Each week I pray that the beautiful plate healer gloves will drop from the Dread Lord but no such luck hehe.  Not to worry, my girl healed a treat and had a bunch of fun doing it.


Last night then saw us head into the Protectors Realm too.   We had 3 groups only, and had doubts about how far we could get in the zone.  After a very shaky start on the first named – we wiped 3 times – things settled down VERY nicely.   Smooshed the first four named, killed Doomcoil first pull, headed in and smooshed the raid force in a VERY tidy fashion, and then danced on the body of Imzok… How sweet was that, especially when it meant Killy dinged 144aa!!


Before we went into raid, I decided I would respect Killys aa.   Kept the lines in the old trees that I have come to know and love – Blessings, Mana Cures, and Int/Agi lines.  But I put as many points as I could into my Shadows aa lines and am thrilled.  Boosted Hit points and health, mitigation on my group buffs and my point heal, Aegolism and my reactive heals.  So far so good J


Anyhow, I suspect tonight will be a visit to one of the new instances with my boys which I shall of course look forward to.


Happy hunting all J