Well after much excitement the last few nights raiding, last night turned into a quiet one.


I did end up logging in a little later than usual, and so the boys were already in various groups around the place…. I was not at all enthusiastic about questing on Killy to tell you the truth.  So I ended up heading to Mara to try for some more tokens towards getting my girl a Unicorn from the Far Seas group.  I will be needing 10 tokens, and have 3 so far.


Well I could not believe that there seems to be a time restriction on how often you can do the solo crafting writs.  I hope I am wrong but it seems you can only do the solo quest once per week?


Well with that frustration, I decided that I would go and do the heroic crafting instance again.  For anyone experienced in crafting it is not difficult at all to complete the heroic instance solo, but is very time consuming for the 1500 faction.


For those who don’t know, it is required to craft 3 pristine copies each of 9 items.  This must be repeated four times representing four stages of assisting the shipbuilders to build a new ship.    All of the components and fuels are found as “clickies” inside the instance. 


The items needed are crafted using ALL the different crafting stations in the zone.  Killy is a jeweler and uses a workbench, so the items that are required to be built on forge, loom, scribing table, chemistry table and stove can be very slow.    However, I notice that it was a little less difficult with her new necklace reward from the last time she did the zone.  I have found it is VITALLY important to ensure that any effects are counteracted using the crafting reaction arts otherwise it is almost impossible to achieve a pristine combine.


So last night I completed 3 stages of the four in just under 2 hours.   I will log back into the zone tonight and finish the instance in perhaps a little over half an hour.    The instance remains open for a little over a day and a half… so it is quite achievable to begin the quest, and then return at another time to complete it.  It will be interesting to see if Killy gets another quest item reward for completing the quest a second time.  


One really cool thing – you can purchase teleport orbs to take you between Mara and the instance zones to cut down on travel time.


I also did complete the solo crafting writ on Kil a few nights ago.   It is just a matter of completing some tier 7 combines – the recipes are scribed as part of the quest.  Once again, it is required to craft maybe 7 or 8 items (forgive my memory lol) on all different crafting stations.  And once again items crafted on stations other than what your crafter class uses can be slow.   I guess the limiting factor here is that it appears you can only be offered the quest once per week.


So I am hoping to get the boys together for a run through a new instance tonight – depending on how busy everyone is.  All fun and games in the land of Norrath eh :p


Happy hunting and crafting all J