And that is the year that was Tuesday, Dec 30 2008 

Last night saw me happily enjoy dinner and drinks with a couple of my guildmates again 🙂 …. so no adventures for Killy or Nanytya to report today.   However, it is the morning of 31 December for me….. and so as we bid farewell to 2008 and olla 2009, I thaught I would reflect on the year that was.

First and foremost – I have had a barrel of laughs with my guildmates.  We have met lots of lovely new folks too since Pax has started hosting raids and inviting folks from out of guild. *waves to Vadel from Revelry and Honour and Xerberus from Kings Guild*

As we began the year, Kilanna was probably level 73 or 74 – just dipping her toes into the content of RoK.   Together with the band of merry men in Pax we worked our way through the content steadily and in March finally got the last of her 140aa.

SoE have done a MAGNIFICENT job of keeping me interested in the game IMHO.   We mastered new zones like Shard of Fear, Runnyeye 2, and Veksar: The invasion.  Added to this we all had our Epic Weapons to strive for with Killy carrying her Fabled Impact of the Sacrosanct at the moment.    There was the introduction of the new raid zone Shard of Hate which offered some magnificent pretties, and a nice chunk of the zone is able to be worked by raid forces of all levels, not just the raiding elite.

Other changes in game which I personally have loved have been extra bank slots & shared bank slots between all characters on one account, and can I just say GUILD HALLS FTW.   I am a bit of a lazy person so I have also adored the introduction of integrated voice chat into game too.

For those of us who are dedicated (some would say certifiable) there has been Tradeskill Epics, and a great deal of additional content for Tradeskillers even before the expansion.   Through this year I have worked toward my lofty goal of having one character to cover each of the Tradeskills at max level.  So far I have 6 of the girls at 80 and the other 3 now nudging their way into Tier 8.

We have had new friends join the guild this year, and sadly we bid farewell to one of our friends who passed away in June [ RIP Jess 😦 ]

So what is in store for me in game 2009?   Well Killy still has 45aa to get for herself, I am sure that there are LOTS of fun and adventures in store for my newly revered Palladin girl with 3 levels, epic weapon, Void armour and some 75aa still left for her to get :p    Some crafter girls still need a few levels and maybe Kil might earn her Mythical Epic Weapon and FINALLY get her tradeskill epic finished too.

So my best wishes to everyone and their families for a safe, prosperous and Happy New Year!!!



All about the Pally Monday, Dec 29 2008 

Well last night was absolutely full of fun as always ….. but it was all about the Pally.

I logged on Killy and quickly found that Mistmyr Manor was the Daily Double. Arisha had not yet logged on, and a couple of the boys were AFK. The Pally girl was enticingly close to level 77 so I thought I would see if I could get any quests done quickly while I waited.

Well one thing led to another when the boys logged on – no one seemed particularly excited about a shard run. A new guild mate had logged on with her lvl 71 zerker, and so I decided we would mentor her girl and go for a run to OoB and CoV. OMG was the world ready for my tanking!!!

Well I have got to say I had an absolute ball. Arisha was on (another) alt healer so was able to give me pointers and help walk me through the zones. We had I think only one death of our suicidal Assassin :p but I completely enjoyed myself. I was probably a bit slow, but I don’t think that anyone minded. I don’t think there were any particularly hideous pulls, and I don’t think I went AoE crazy and pulled a gazzilion adds anywhere.

Maybe once or twice I had trouble with getting agro off of Relden, but I guess that is one of the perpetual challenges of tanking to keep agro from the healers.  I adore Sygil of Heroism for siphoning group hate in a tight spot, and Amends just rocks for keeping agro off of the squishy ranger :p

Pumped and excited after giving Valdoon a right smooshing, I was sitting so close to level 77 I could not bear the excitement. So I headed off with a Templar guildie and we finished a couple of quests together real quick… and DING 77 Palladin.

This was SOOOO exciting, because she is one step closer to being able to wear the 2 pieces of her T8 Legendary Set (Ravaged Onslaught) that she has.   Something just clicked last night I dont know how else to explain it.   I get a feeling there will be MANY more posts dedicated to Nanytya’s fun and games, but darn her gear could do with some upgrading she has PITIFUL mitigation and resists.   Not only that, but I also noticed that she got Apprentice 1 versions of her new Spells / Combat Arts. It has been a while since she leveled so that was a surprise indeed – when did SoE change that????

I was then thrilled that my Templar guildmate asked if I could make her some Adept 3’s. I also have a couple of Silicate Loams, so I shall have Alchi girl make Adept 3’s for Nanytya  I am just so pleased that after leveling my crafter girls, they are not sitting idle. It is doubly cool that people are happy to ask for my girls to help.

I recently read back to my very first few blog posts. Some times it has been a wild ride, but moving Kilanna into Pax Fatalis has been exactly what I was hoping for in a guild. I am very happy I have found such a lovely group of folk to spend my time with, and we certainly get up to some fun 

Happy hunting and crafting all.

*Edit:   Silly me checked over coffee this morning…. and my girl actually DOES now sport her Ravaged Onslaught gloves and helm /cheers.  For some reason I was thinking 78 before she could wear.*

Random ramblings and Merry mutterings Sunday, Dec 28 2008 

Well… Santa has been and gone for another year.   I was a very spoilt dwarf, and had a wonderful time with the family over the holiday – but back to work for me this morning *sigh*


In among the seasonal festivities there has still been time for a little gaming to be honest,   Nothing overly exciting just a few instance runs here and there.   Still trying with very little success to get Kilanna her healer cloak from either RE2 or Anathema, although she did DING 154aa last night.   My provisioner girlie hit level 70 Provisioner *cheers* so now I can start to make Tier 8 food and drink.  


Also took a little run with one of the boys last night to get some questing done towards Nanytya’s port hammer.   I am sure that I could have done the quests solo, but having an extra pair of hands meant that I got almost the entire Selnok Brigade faction quest line finished in about half an hour.  Logged out last night just short of 77 Pally, and almost 121aa.


I would also like to give Kudos to SoE customer service for some wonderful help that they gave me over the break too.   I am certain that I did something really stupid while Arisha was having Kilanna craft a piece of void shard armour.   End result – Arisha got her piece of void shard armour (eventually) and I also lost 11 of my void shards *eeeeep*   A quick petition and my 11 shards were very kindly returned *cheers*


Yesterday was indeed a very slow day for me in real life.   Saturday night saw a get together for a Christmas celebration with a bunch of guild mates in town.  We started at lunch time and progressed on ‘til quite late in the evening.  After partaking of more than a little Vodka, yesterday was recovery day :p   It was just super spending some time with the boys and girls.   Although we are only online friends, it felt very comfortable to be chilling out, shooting some pool, listening to some music, and having a few laughs.   Some of us have met up a couple of times before, so folk were relaxed and everyone seemed to have a GREAT time.


Posting might still be a little irregular for the next week until seasonal festivities are fully complete – but hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas.


Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!

A little more holiday cheer Wednesday, Dec 24 2008 

Well I must admit there really is nothing much of note to report on last nights adventures in Norrath to be honest.

I logged in as usual and we gathered the troops.   We were actually up for 2 zones on a school night 🙂   With the daily double in Guk again, we formed a plan and headed to Deep Forge and – you guessed it – Anathema.  

The boys are so sweet running that zone AGAIN for a chance to get Kils cloak.  I know we are not just going there for that reason – after all it is a quick guaranteed two shards, but I appreciate it none the less.

*Le Sigh* Scout cloak dropped from the last named AGAIN – but it was also very exciting because a lvl 80 Coercer master dropped for Danonias Coercer girl 🙂   2 level 80 masters from him 2 nights running – nice!!!

I actually switched on ACT last night for the first time in a while to have a look at my heal breakdown.   Vadel came with his fury but was mostly mellee.   Once again, I was happy to see what my girl can do!

At the end of my run I then had 29 Shards – WEEEEE Enough for my Righeous Mithril shoulders.   So Arisha very kindly made them before popping off for the evening.

To finish off a lovely evening I then headed to Frostfell for a little more holiday cheer.  I had not made any of the new pretties there yet – so started harvesting and made a few new things for Kils house.   There are still a couple of house items I have not made yet, so I will probably do that tonight.

I have been having so much fun with Killy in Frostfell that I have been neglecting my tradeskill girls recently.  I really dont think I will do too much with any of my other girls in Frostfell now I have experienced it with Killy.   Illka (Provisioner), Xorlan (Tailor) and Elanta (Woodworker) will all be sitting on full tradeskill vitality and I look forward to pushing them to max level as quickly as their vitality and seasonal festivities permitt 🙂

As I write this, it is now mid morning on Christmas Eve here in Australia – so wishing everyone a very Merry Frostfell for tomorrow *hugz*

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas! Monday, Dec 22 2008 

My adventures in Norrath last night were just WONDERFUL and relaxed.

As usual I hooked up with the boys….. and we were joined once again by Vadel, our friendly fury from Revelry and Honor.

Given that the daily double was in Lower Guk last night (an area where we have NOT been at this stage),  the boys very kindly once again offered to run Anathema for a chance to get Killys cloak.    The zone went off without a hitch – and needless to say Kil’s cloak didnt drop but something else quite pretty did

*Cheers*   A level 80 Templar master that my girl didnt have – and a good one at that.  I dont use it often, but having her group direct heal mastered is WAY nice!!

So after bidding good night to the Kiwi lads, I quickly did the quest for my Frosty Frostfell tree.  Vadel and Kilanna then headed to Kelethin and picked up the quests for our regular Frostfell tree.    We very quickly headed to Kunzar Jungle collecting our dolls from the gorillas and twine from the Mantrap flowers.  Back to Kelethin – rinse and repeat for our wreath and then DING… 153aa!

It was really neat to hang out with Vadel for a bit, look at a couple of his characters homes, and just generally chatting about a whole bunch of stuff game related and otherwise.

I then decided to spend the rest of my evening mucking around and putting up the Frostfell decorations in Kils manor house.   I never cease to be amazed at the imagination and creativity displayed by some folk in decorating their game homes.   Although I am not at all gifted like that, it is an aspect of the game I enjoy immensely.   So now Killys house is looking all festive!

By the time I was done, more time had passed that I had realised… and sleepy Dwarf headed out of Norrath for the evening.   I am thinking tonight I might head into the frostfell village, do some harvesting and craft some of this years Frostfell pretties.

Happy hunting and crafting all!!

Savanah, Tundra and Lava – and all in one weekend! Monday, Dec 22 2008 

As a prelude to the rest of my post today, anyone who knows me in real life knows that I am not a very complicated person.   If I am happy you know it, and if I am grumpy you know it (the poor Pax Fatalis boys :p).   What you see is very much what you get.   One day I am sure I will write about having a completely crap weekend in game – but that certainly was not this weekend.


Friday night was a very low key evening.   Arisha was off enjoying some festive cheer in the real world, so I found myself doing a little pottering about in game and chatting with friends.  Helping out a guildie with their first trip into Frostfell, and a little bit of crafty goodness of course.


Saturday evening was also much fun .  We got the regular boys together and headed into Caverns of the Afflicted & Deep Forge.   We struggled a little with our AoE dps in Caverns, but none the less cleared the zone, got our shards, and then headed across to Lavastorm for a near flawless run.  


So then Sunday evening rolled around.   I was done battling the crowds for my Christmas shopping more quickly than expected, so got to log in a bit earlier in the evening.   We rallied the gang, and had enough time to run both Scion of Ice and Anathema.  Nothing of note, except *sigh* my healer cloak STILL wont drop L


As usual I still had some time to play a little after the group disbanded, so I mentored Killy to level 11 with my newly rolled SK…. And headed to Timorous Deep to complete some quests for aa.   Now I know that she would still get the aa if she just completed the quests grey – but hey I am having a little fun trying to box 😀


Logging out last night saw my girl with 23 shards (almost enough to upgrade to Righteous Mithril Shoulders yay!), and she is just shy of 153aa.   I have been contemplating whether to hold my shards and update all my void gear at once – or to upgrade piece by piece (which would mean loosing my current 5 piece bonus).  I think I have decided to upgrade Shoulders (+8% base healing) then Breastplate (Reduced power cost of heal spells). 


At that time I will have my 2 set piece bonus for the Righteous Mithiril, while retaining the 3 piece bonus for the regular void shard armour.  I will then contemplate if I wish to save up and upgrade the last 3 pieces at once.


I was absolutely chuffed this morning too when Wilhelm from The Ancient Gaming Noob caught me in-game, and I was able to help out his new warrior boy with some new fulginate gear.  I had just poked my head in to check the broker over coffee but that was a very nice start to my Monday morning.


Not sure what this evening will bring, but I am sure there will be the usual fun and chaos in Norrath.   Happy hunting and crafting all!

A new chapter ? Thursday, Dec 18 2008 

Well…. After my cranky post yesterday, it is time to get back into the holiday spirit and enjoy all of what is good and fun in Norrath.


It was lovely to resume normal programming and go for a quick run with the boys last night.   I don’t even remember where the daily double was, but we fell back on our good old faithful run through Anathema.   We had a quick giggle to ourselves – we all love checking out new places, but we must be getting old.   The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak when we must back up for an early start at work, especially for the New Zealand boys who have a +3 hour time difference to us at the moment.  


So – we mustered the troops and waded into battle.   Last night was the first time I had actually solo healed a TSO zone, and it was great fun.   We dispensed of the bad guys in short order with little fuss – I don’t believe anyone died the whole zone, but cant remember of our ranger ganked agro or not :p   I crossed fingers for my healer cloak to drop from the last named.  Alas – no joy again – another of the scout cloaks dropped.   My day will come I tell you!!!


Arisha then very kindly offered to take me on a quick run through Icy keep, and with that I think Killy has all the tokens she would like for her Christmas goodies.


After the boys logged out, I did something exceptionally geeky *blush*   I have decided to have a go at 2 boxing for some low level fun and games when I am not grouped up with the lads on Killy.   Is this a new chapter in my Everquest fun?

So…. I rolled up my first girl on my new account.   A Dark Elf Inquisitor girl called Anikka.   It basically took no time at all to get her to level 9.   And then I had my first effort at actually trying to run the girls together. 

I logged on my Pally Nanytya, and we ran through Icy Keep.  Mentored to level 9 Nanytya ran havoc through the place which was a lot of fun :p   But truth is my first try 2 boxing was not as much fun as I thought it might be, I much prefer hanging out with the boys.   What may be a lot of fun is running the girls through zones like Storrmhold, RoV and RE.  A Pally and Inquisitor could probably cause quite a bit of chaos.  


So I was then wondering how most folks handle the practicalities of 2 boxing.   I just had little Anikka on auto-follow, and was focusing on Nanytya.   I basically Alt-Tab to throw on the occasional heal/debuff from the Inquisitor then back to the Pally.


Anyhow, tonight is Friday night, so we shall see where the daily double may take us since it isn’t a school night 😀 .  No real plans to be honest for the weekend except perhaps some Tradeskill goodness while trying to avoid the summer heat in among the seasonal festivities.  It is supposed to be close to 100F today ouch!


Happy hunting all!

Missing out on some Frostfell cheer? Wednesday, Dec 17 2008 

By the time I got home last night and took care of real life – it meant I had little time in game.  I didnt even get to say ello to the New Zealand boys 😦  Needless to say this meant I did not get my usual run for two void shards last night.  Instead, it was another quick taste of Frostfell goodness!

Together with a couple of my guild mates, we did  2 runs through completing quest 2 and 3 of the Icy Keep quests for Killy.   One of the boys pulled us through the zone in bascially 10 mins flat – and DING 152aa for the happy little dorf!!.

I now have 21 Ice Tokens to spend.  I looked at the armour from the Frostfell vendor – and although it is pretty spiffy armour, my girl just looks stupid in it.  However, she does look very cute with her little Ice Tiara from the second quest :p   End result – I am looking at various house items to spend my tokens on – and the Baby Dragon Plushie is ADORABLE :p.    

Since the first Icy Keep quest is definitely soloable – I braught a couple of my other girls across to Frostfell to complete it.  it is do-able in less than five mins if you actually know where all the little listening devices need to be placed.  

I tried to solo the second Icy Keep quest with both my Pally and Monk.   After the second named smooshed my girls both times I just decided to give up.  I might see if some other guildies want to run their alts through for the aa and maybe take some more of my girls to finish the last 2 quests for the aa.   But this brings me to a big grumble I have.

I completely get the MULTIPLAYER part of MMORPG.  I love to group, and am part of an active guild with plenty of chances to group.  However, I find it appauling that solo players do not get their chance to run steps 2 and 3 of Icy Keep.   Why does the *easy* zone have con yellow heroics?   

I appreciate that the quest is marked as Heroic,  I have read the forums where the Devs have pointed out that some of the characters we meet in there might be part of an ongoing storyline…. But for goodness sake it is some holiday fun.   Why exclude any of your player base from any part of a  holiday event, especially if this is an introduction to things that might become part of the grater lore of Norrath.

At this time of year things come up, people are busy and fit in some game time when they can.  I was VERY lucky to find 2 guildies that were interested in running the zone with Kil last night – I doubt the other girls will be so lucky, and I want their plushie and tiara darn it!!   Not everyone can find a group when they are on – nor has the block of time to committ to a group at this time of year.    Some people will find that their colleagues have had their fill of the zones already, so they will miss out.

I am all for heroic content – I applaud it, I encourage it, and I LOVE exploring it with the boys – but *sigh* I really think it is poor form that more casual players dont get the chance to experience all the wonderful fun that Frostfell has to offer.

The best laid plans….. Tuesday, Dec 16 2008 

… never go quite as you had hoped right.

Even though I was tired and fell asleep on the train on the way home, I could not resist the urge to log on and get up to some mischief with the lads.   We got together, and we all decided to have a nice quick run for an early finish.  

After being joined by a new friend (on his fury) that we have met in our guild hosted pick up raids, we headed for Anathema again.   We know it is a quick guaranteed 2 shard run – and there is always the chance that the healer cloak will drop from that last named right…..   Well that was the plan.

Danonia actually brought his coercer girl instead of Relden for the run since we had a Fury.   The run went like absolute clockwork, and there really is not much more to say about it.   *sigh* the healer cloak didnt drop – but the caster cloak dropped for Dan.  His girl already had the RE2 cloak, so it was a bit of a sidegrade for her – but still all fun and games.

The group disbanded, and it was barely 8pm for me.   I felt it was time for a little festive cheer,  so I decided to head into Frostfell and check it out.   I mucked about, and with a little help from my Fury friend I finished the first quest for Frostfell shards.    I started the second quest in that chain, but soon found that the easy version was NOT soloable especially with a heal spec’d Templars dps.   

I am definitely going to check it out with my Pally girl though – with her pretty decent gear, good AoE dps and some heals she might have the best chance of all my girls for collecting a bunch of shards. 

After looking at the array of house goodies and various other bits and pieces my tokens could get, I was completely smitten.     I can see me spending many an hour outfitting some of my girls and their homes in there over the next couple of weeks 😀  Not to mention all the cool cool house items that also come from the giftgiver.

After then building some void shard armour for a guildie, and a wonderful opportunity to catch up with a good friend in game – I shuddered to realise it was now 11pm – and I was close to faceplanting the keyboard.    Where had my early night gone??  Maybe tonight eh!  *giggles* Who am I kidding!

Happy hunting and crafting as always.

We’ll get you next time Garudon… next time. Monday, Dec 15 2008 

Once I was logged on last night and hooked up with the boys, we decided that we would have a go at Veksar – Sunken theatre for the daily double.   We had not been to this zone before and had no real intel on what to expect.  No problem – we thaught we would go and check it out anyway…..

Pretty much the first half of the zone went like clockwork.    The first real fun came when we got to the room with the 90Epic x 2.   Our first spot of luck came when Relden noticed some golem body parts in the room while we were looking for shard quest clicky updates.     After constructing our not so massive golem, we took a guess and used the charm from the previous room to de-activate the Epic.  Booooya – score one for our intrepid adventurers.

So the next fight of note was Cribblekeep, and I was already nervous about this fight.   I wondered if he was going to be as nasty as the damned Goblin in the regular Veskar zone.  I think we wiped to him twice while we got the plan to kill the Aqueous protectors.  Some well timed stuns to interrupt his AoE helped as well, and we were soon looking at his smooshed corpse.

The next named was the skelly Lord Sasil.  We killed the other 4 coffins in the room to make him vulnerable…. and took him down with only a little fuss.

And then on to the end of the zone and Garudon.  I think we might have wiped like 4 or 5 times to him.   We had no idea that this was going to be a 3 wave fight…. so were taken a bit by surprise the first time.    

Each time we tried we got that little bit closer to taking him down… but last night it was only time that was our enemy.   It was late for the New Zealand boys and I think we were loosing concentration, so we decided to call it a night.    That tail lash AoE is VERY nasty.   I think that we are going to try and take him down when we are fresh tonight, but unfortunately I think or daily double might have expired by then.  Not that it matters – it will just be nice to master another new zone. 

Handing in the regular shard quest meant Killy was pretty close to 152aa.

After the group disbanded it was still not too late really – so I decided to jump to my provisioner girl and finish her tradekill instance.   She had very little left to complete the zone so that was done in short order, and DING 65 Provisioner!!   Completing the heroic instance solo burned ALL of Illkas vitality, and earned her between 2 and 3 levels.   This is a GREAT way to get levels without using bunches of resources or incuring expenses doing regular tradeskill writs.

Time for Tailor and Woodworker girl to get some leveling in next weekend I think….. Darn I wish there was a way to reset Tradeskill vitality the way you can reset Adventure vitality :p   I love having all the tradeskill girls so I can be really self sufficient… and I love being able to contribute to the guild in a practical way.

So – another evening of fun and games in Norrath over.   Happy hunting and crafting everyone!

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