Well, I was very blessed to have one of my girlfriends come and stay for a girlie weekend this last weekend.  It involved a lot of Chocolate and Red Wine, sitting up late and girl talking. 

This did mean I had a little less time than normal over the weekend in game… but when I logged on I felt like a princess :p   Some of the boys had missed me over the weekend – so we chatted a little about what they had been up to while I did another crafting mission, and had a bit of a laugh.

They had managed to get themselves some Void Shards, so I made a couple of pieces of the void shard armour with Killys newly aquired recipe book from the Heroic Tradeskill instance *cheers*  And we headed to Lavastorm to check out the new instances.

Lavastorm has never been a favourite zone of mine – always too dark and hard to find my way around.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  It did not seem anywhere as dark as I remember it.  I was glad that the quest givers and Instances are not too far from the docks. 

So into the Deep forge we went.  Died maybe once or twice I think trying to work out the named fights.  The last one is a bit annoying – but not hard once you know how.  We also went into Najenas Hollow – and had a pretty good crack at it.  It reminds me a lot of the way down to see Nagafen. and I thaught the zone was Aesthetically very nice.   We got all the way down the bottom to the drake.  It pretty much handed us an ass whoopin – but that is the first time most of us had seen him.  We got him to around 40%  but his constant porting us into the lava really got very old very fast :p

By the time we were this far, it was getting a little late especially for the New Zealanders since they are 3 hours time different to us in Brisbane.  We decided to call it a night, but not before getting our 2 Shards, and Killy collected 145aa.

Well that was Sunday night, and Monday saw us get together for our Shard of Hate raid.  A trip to kill the first 3 named and a bunch of trash usually sees a few happy folks and last night was no exception.

Our MT Arisha (A Pally from in the guild and one of the gang that I affectionately call my boys :p) did a fine job of once again leading us through the zone with ease.  Healing felt comfortable and controlled, and power management much less challenging than the last few weeks.  Killy got the Armlets of Misgivings from the DreadLord, Arisha got a very sweet Tower Shield from Demetrious Crane and a Dirge Master dropped from Master P.  Various other trash mobs dropped some exquisite too – so with only 3 groups we conquered well and had fun as always.

it was fun to see that while we were gathering for raid, we were all chatting about what we had gotten up to in the last week, and had a bit of a show and tell with all our Shiny new baubles 🙂   I love that we have made new friends from outside the guild while doing these pick up raids.

I think tonights PR raid will be our last raid for the year so we can wind up in the run up to Christmas.  I dont think we will loose contact with our new out of guild friends – it will be nice to run some instances with them to get our new pretties.  The next piece I have in mind is a waist item.

Happy hunting!!!