Last night was certainly a fun night.

As soon as I logged on, I quickly formed a group with a few of my boys.   Topo was after a new piece of Shard Armour, Arisha was after a couple of adornments, and Danonia was also then after a piece of Shard Armour.     Those matters quickly dispensed, it was time to head up to Protectors Realm for raid.

Provided we have the numbers, we have this zone pretty much on farm status now.  Last night we managed a full raid force which was neat.   I am guessing this happens to focused raid guilds too… but there were a few pulls which just did NOT go well.  I could not see the reason for it, but there were a couple of encounters that the mobs just seemed to hit MT like a freight train, her health spiked all over the place and she went SPLAT.  Guess it didnt help that as an MT healer I felt as though I was a littla off my game too.

In particular we had 2 attempts at Imzok.  On the first attempt I could tell almost immediately from the pull that it was going south – MT died twice, and with no power there is no way that his girl could keep aggro – so “take the wipe”, regroup and try again.  Second attempt went like clockwork.  It seems funny how just some nights you feel like noobs when you are facing mobs that usually are taken down without a second thaught.  And yet encounters which are normally nasty (like the raid force) can be taken down in a tidy fashion with little fuss.

No one came out with anything extra special lewt wise ….. but one again, great to hang out with the gang, and have some fun causing a wee bit of chaos.  

So I was looking at the breakdown of my zonewide healing in ACT.  Since I have put my aa into reactive heals on shadows tree, I have noticed that this provides a slightly higher portion of my healing zonewide   However, my single ward (Repent) still seems to provide a good chunk of my heals along with the ward which procs off my Helmet.

I was shown a pretty bauble last night that I would like to work on getting for Killy.  It is a charm slot item that comes from the Abbey in LP.  I might talk to Arisha and see if we can get a run through there happening tonight 🙂  Another run might even give me enough Void Shards for my second piece of armour yay!!

Happy hunting as always.