I logged in with eagar anticipation last night.  I was excited about heading into Loping Plains and Evernight Abbey to get that healer charm item I had heard about.

So I checked in and rounded up the troops.   We got our group sorted, picked up the quests and headed in.  But DOH… The quest reward for Vampire Weakened was not a charm Item like I had thaught, but was a secondary Item.  Not that I really minded that at all to be honest.  With a 2 heal crit and a Wisdom Stat in the low 40’s (from memory), Bloch’s Water Sprinkler is still an upgrade on my Book of the Immortals.

It is GREAT fun having a Pally tanking a zone.  On a few occasions we decided to pull a massive group of mobs and go nuts.   We certainly had a few giggles.

For some reason, I have lately gotten into a SUPER bad habit of spamming my heals… like panick healing all the time.  It has been causing me all sorts of trouble with my power – but last night I concentrated on trying to get back to some good healing habits.   Seemed to work a treat once I was conscious of what I was doing. 

I love the feel of this instance, the atmosphere.  I could not get used to seeing Killy as a Vampire though so I had to turn my illusions off :).  The ending of the zone sees you kill a number of named Vampire to spawn the end boss.  Each member of the group then absorb a power from the “Throne” of one of the named vampire we had just killed, in order to help you kill the end boss.  The only trick was avoiding the sunrise while fighting the end boss in his room.  However, I will say it again – it has been a lot of fun to continue to discover new content with a trusted group of game friends.  Not only do the characters work well together, but the rapport of the players makes for an enjoyable time.   None of us get upset at a death or two as we learn, and each of us trusts the other to do what their character does best.

Our Shard quest for this zone was a little annoying though.   We each had to collect 6 lists of names, which basically look like book page collectibles throughout the zone.  There were probably only enough pages for one or two of us to complete the quest so we needed to wait for a lot of repops.  

I was so sleepy by the end of the evening (and even starting to get a little grumpy sorry boys) so I camped Killy inside the zone and logged out for the night.  When I log on tonight I will run around the cleared zone and pick up my last few pages.

The aa in the zone is outstanding.  There are 4 quests from Somborn Village as well as the void shard quest.   I am yet to hand in the completed quests and have already been awarded a little over 60% of an aa lvl for the zone.  I am certain that handing in all 5 quests will see my girl with 146aa.

It is amazing to think that I already have gotten 1/10 of the way through my 60aa for this expansion and have barely even touched on some of the content.  Unbelievably Killy is still at the landing zone in the Moors as far as questing goes, and she has barely looked at a fraction of the new instances that are available either.  Only one in Everfrost, 2 in Lavastorm and now Evernight Abbey.    I am certainly looking forward to my continued adventures through The Shadow Odyssey.

I think one of my next aims will be to get Killy the Tradeskill book to make the void shard jewelery pieces – I have 4 shard pieces at the moment and think upgrading her waist slot item is my next priority.  Hard to spend my Far Sees tokens on the book and delay her unicorn though :p

Happy hunting and crafting to all 🙂