By the time I got home and logged on last night it was a little later than usual so I was not sure what I was going to get up to.   All I can say is I love chillin out with “my boys”…

I logged in to try and pick my last couple of pages up for Killys void shard quest in the Abbey only to find that it seemed to be bugged.   The pages were not re-spawning 😦  *le sigh*  Not to worry I did get a shard from the chest in the zone.  I popped out into Loping Plains and handed in my finished quests and DING 146aa.  I really was impressed with not only Blochs Water Sprinkler, but also another Healer ring with 2 heal crit that was a quest reward.

Danonia was on his healer and very soon sent me a group invite. He rallied some more of the troops and we decided on a plan.   Since it was a little later than usual we decided to go hit the Scion of Ice again since it is nice and quick.  Arisha tanked for us, and we had a lovely smooth run.   The first time we did the zone we had a little trouble with the twin Sphinx named… but last night we dispatched them in a very tidy fashion.   It was a nice run with nice company (even though I was in somewhat of a grumpy mood when we started out sorry again boys)

After we finished our zone I found myself with a surprising almost 70% toward my next aa.  I know that xp is converted to aa…..  but I was really surprised at just how much I got from the zone.

The boys all logged off for the evening, and I decided I would head to Mara and Chill out a little more with a Tradeskill mission.   This time I ended up in the Firemist Gully Instance but really it is pretty much the same deal as the Shipyard Cove instance.    Just heaps cooler cos there are lots of Dorfs 🙂

It was a very lovely way to end the evening to then chatter a little with Stargrace while I was tradeskilling away.

So what are the plans for tonight?… I am not altogether sure to be honest.  I will of course need to finish my Tradeskill instance, but I was thinking about maybe seing if the boys feel like hitting one of the new Instances in Commonlands.   I heard that one of the quest rewards is a nice charm for a healer, but I looked on EQ2Wikia and LootDB and detail on the rewards seemed sparse.  Doesnt matter much though really, it will just be nice to chill out and explore with my boys.  New zone means nice aa, and a couple more shards to add to the collection.

As always, happy hunting and crafting all!