Monday nights have been our nights to raid SoH for the last few months, but not last night.   A combination of exploring the new expansion, Christmas coming up, and the time difference hurting the New Zealand boys at the moment – this means that we will have a little break from raiding for a wee while and that is just fine and dandy.


After kicking back with a nice cool glass of lemonade, I logged in to see what the boys were up to.   After quickly making one of the guildies a piece of their void shard armour, I was soon grouped with my boys ready for some fun.


The daily double today was for the Scion of Ice – LOVELY!!.  So off we all went, and as usual Arisha led us on a nice quick and pretty much flawless run through the zone.   Nothing of note really, and no particular lewtz of note dropping.  We were joined by a Necro from the guild, and so he helped to make the fight with the Twin Sphinx go off like a charm.   It was his first run in any of the TSO zones so he got some sweet aa and a couple of pieces of legendary which were upgrades for him.


Once the group disbanded, it was still nice and early for me, so I decided to go and finish the Heroic Tradeskill zone I had started on Illka, my provisioner.  It was definitely a little slower than on Killy, but I had absolutely NO problem completing the clockwork instance.   I was a little worried when I could not find the chest after finishing the zone – but soon found it downstairs after the newly assembled clockwork beast had caused havoc :p


The Tradeskill xp was nothing short of sensational – around 3 levels for the zone.  My little girl went in not quite 59 and now is a level 62 provisioner.  I could not believe her luck too, with the recipe book for the lower tier void shard jewelery dropping for her.  If only I could have kept the zone open for Killy to run in and get it – but never mind as long as someone in the guild has it and can make some pieces for the boys.


As I understand it, the daily double resets Midnight  PST.  That is almost spot on the time that I am home from work and ready to log in for the evening.   Works out very nicely J  


Plans for tonight?  Oh I think we shall see where the daily double is.  4 shards tonight should see Killy with a total of 21 – so her pocket sized holy symbol shall be made I think.    Other than that I don’t really know.  Maybe a little run around on Nanytya who is currently sitting on 76 Pally.  Or even a run around on little baby (level 24) Necro Shaza.  Woodworker and Tailor are still needing to finish the climb to level 80 and Killy still does not have her crafter epic can you believe.  (might see if I can get some of the boys crafters to make some of the combines for my girl)…. So no shortage of options.


As always happy hunting and crafting all.