Well – another weekend down and another weekend full of fun with my boys.

I get a feeling that Danonia had a sneaky peek at my post on Friday… cos when I logged on Friday night and we started to make a plan, he finished my sentence suggesting a trip to Commonlands :p

So Friday night off to the Cavern of the Afflicted it was.  Thank goodness we had Arisha (Pally) tanking with the waves of mobs that just kept coming.   The trick to that zone I guess is to just keep on moving.  We picked up our HQ, and got our two shards.  A couple of deaths and no particularly noteworthy lewtz, but a nice evening as always.

That was Friday night done….. by the time we finished as usual it was time to say gnite to the New Zealand boys, and I headed to bed early myself since I had a big day of Christmas party the next day.

After getting home from my party on Saturday and chilling out a little, I logged in to join the troops.  A little slow I know, but learned about the daily double.  Each day a quest giver at the Landing Zone in the Moors gives a quest for an instance worth an additional 2 void shards.   The boys already had a cleared instance of Anathema, so they took me through to complete the quest.  We then headed back to Evernight Abbey, blew through the zone with ease, got our 2 shards and that was that.  

After the boys had logged off, it still was not that late for me so I took Killy in to begin a heroic tradeskill zone before heading to bed.

After attending to real life duties on Sunday morning, I tried to escape the summer heat.  Storm season is well and truly here!!!  I kicked back and finished off my tradeskill instance on Killy.  WOOOOT… Not only did I get a nice crafter item, but a second token dropped along with the recipe book for the infused jewelery and other miscellaneous shard items.  I did a happy dwarven jig since I now had my 10 tokens for Killys unicorn.  A few quick faction writs later and my girl proudly sat apon her new pony.

Time then for Sundays daily double… a trip to the Crucible.  What a fun zone that was.  We had the usual suspects – Arisha (Pally) Relden (Mystic) Topo (Brig) Killy, and we were joined by a Ranger and dirge from the guild.

Once again a very pretty looking zone and lots of fun.  I have to put my hand up and say I didnt notice how many named are in there… but there were two combats of note.

One fight there are 3 named each outlined with an aura of a different colour.  You must fight these named to 50% health and they are de-activated once you manouvre them onto a coloured disc in the floor which corresponds to the colour of their aura.  At this time the named boss in that room spawns and chastises his 3 minions for their failure – and then we promptly smooshed him :p

After a very cool trick of raising a beautiful ice stairway out of the floor in the middle of a room, then comes the very last named.  Well he is a very very nasty boy.   He drops some books and scrolls which must be burned or else he just does the most HIDDEOUS AoE.   With both Relden and Killy, we healed through it the first time.  After some nervous moments with Arishas health in the red, we danced on his dead body… and that was 4 shards for the zone thank you very much!!!!

So – a very happy Dorf at the end of the weekend having some good luck as well as achieving what I had set out to do.  Logging off last night also saw me well on the way to 149aa.

I have also started a heroic tradeskill instance on my little lvl 60 Provisioner girl.   I had heard that the experience was great – and decided to check it out.  So far so good – and I will be finishing that off tonight, so more news on that tomorrow 🙂

Happy hunting and crafting all.