As is usual, Killy logged in last night to a lovely chorus of welcomes from her guild mates.   Maybe a little silly I grant you, but I love that our guild is still small enough that we have this really friendly atmosphere. 

As has also become usual over this last year or so,  Killy was soon grouped up with Danonia (on his healer) Shandris (on his Pally) and Topo.   We were also joined by a Coercer and Ranger from guild.

Quite soon we were headed to Evernight Abbey for the daily double.   We cleared the zone with ease, and could not believe our luck when we had 2 masters drop.   An 80 Swashy and 80 Inquisitor master.    We also had some legendary chest drop from trash mobs throughout.  

Our Coercer had not been here before so it was nice aa for him, and he scored a few upgrades.  Dan took a few pieces for appearance for his healer since no one else needed them, and we certainly had a surfiet of legendary chests which was cool.

The last named dropped a legendary healer cloak which I very soon put on.   A poor substitute for either the cloak from the Anathema or Runnyeye 2 I grant you, but still better than what I was wearing.

The daily double then was just a clicky on the coffin under the last named, so 2 quests completed and that saw me with 21 Shards.

Now, I am hopeless at pimping out my characters.  I dont know why, but I am almost incapable of trying to work out the best combination of Armour and Weapons, or the prescribed order of casting to get better dps.    So this is where my boys come in. 

Last night Dan and I spent some time looking at Kils gear to see what would be the best way to spend her 21 void shards.    I had been thinking of making her pocked sized holy symbol (Charm slot item with heal crit and +heals).  After talking to Dan though, Kil soon had her new Pious Steel gauntlets and Epilets.    Completing the daily double and regular shard quest tonight will also see her with her Pious Steel Breastplate.   Although I will certainly be loosing some stats, this will be more than compensated for with the set bonuses.

So why is it that I am so fond of my boys???  They are patient and look out for my girl.  They forgive me when I do silly things, and put up with me when I am in a grumpy mood.  They make me laugh, and I always enjoy our adventures through Norrath.   We have trust and faith in each others characters, and after such a long time grouping together we certainly know each others style.   As a group we have also helped each other to achieve many in game goals, and have celebrated many in game victories together.

Typically girlie, I know… but a big virtual /hugz to the boys.

Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!