I  logged on last night with no particular plan in mind. 

Firstly I had a clear Evernight Abbey zone that had not yet timed out – So I checked to see what todays shard quest was for that zone.  Yay – a simple placement of an item on the coffin of the last named.  Easiest Void Shard I think I would ever get.

Off then to check the Daily Double.  Tonight was Mistmyr Manor.  Had not been to that zone so there would definitely be some nice aa, and always nice to check out a new place.

Well once we had the usual crew together we made our plan.   None of us had been to Mistmyr before but Arisha felt comfortable to have a crack at it anyway for the daily double.   We were however joined by another couple of guildies who had actually been there before.

Well it certainly was one of the more difficult instances we had done – but not too bad at all.   We had the usual few deaths as we worked things out, but all fun.

I just was not on my game last night to be honest, which was OK since Dan braught his healer too.   I have decided that I am not going to switch on ACT to watch my parses.   I have become altogether too focused on my parses lately, but last night I just felt as though I really was not contributing much to the group.   It felt like Relden was doing all the healing, and Killy was putting out her usual crappy dps.

As is usual for me – I was following and healing the tank so a lot of strategy stuff was lost on me since it was the first time I had run the zone.  I am sure we will be back here at some point and I am sure I will probably pick more up next time we run the zone, but this time it was all about Arishas Health bar.  One thing that also struck me about healing this zone is the number of DoT’s that the mobs were doing – Cure Cure Cure.

This is another zone with a nice atmosphere, and I quite enjoyed it.  We cleared the zone with relatively little difficulty.  There were 2 encounters that stick out for me.

The first was one of the red ghosts that we faught in a room where the ceiling collapses.   We wiped first time around, and came close second time.  We killed him barely, even though Arisha mentioned we were putting out a group dps of around 11k or so.

The second encounter was of course the last pair of named.  By the time we got here I was a very sleepy dorf so really was not at my best healer wise.  We wiped cos I was not really fast enough curing some of those DoT’s – one of which was a root.   But we managed to take them while running between the room they were in and the corridor to separate them.

The chest that these guys dropped was nothing short of sensational.  It had a trouby/dirge charm item with fantastic stats and among a lot of other things it improved the bard power regen song.   So Arisha logged across to his dirge Skittish, and that was the fun and chaos of the evening drawing to an end.

Handing in my completed quests saw Killy with 11 void shards, and 150aa *cheers*   So back to the guild hall I called, and crafted Killy her Pious Steel Breastplate.   My girl now sits on a very nice 55% heal crit with no buffs, potions or Scrolls.  Fully raid buffed and with her potions and scrolls I guess that would see her with a heal crit in the low 80s.

What is on the agenda tonight?   Not sure – but we shall see where the daily double takes us tonight and whether or not we will give it a crack.

Happy hunting and crafting.