I was daydreaming on the way home from work last night on the train – wondering what fun I could get up to when I logged in.   There was so many options to choose from : Questing on Killy, a mission with the boys, some Tradeskilling on one of my crafter girls, some adventuring on Nanytya or Shaza.

Once I was logged in and hooked up with the boys, we decided on a nice little mission rather than tackling the daily double since we were all a little weary.   I had not actually done the Anathema, and the boys said they were quite happy to take my girl a run through there – so a plan was made.

We were joined by a swashy from Revelry and Honour (the very same guild as some of the bloggers I most enjoy reading :p) and had a lovely quick, clean run.

I always have loved Everfrost,  and the new instances are all very pretty.  None of the mobs really caused us any trouble, but it was so hard having to slaughter the poor little dopplegangers of Kilanna and the boys :p

I had my fingers crossed for the nice healer cloak to drop from the last named – but alas no joy.  However, a legendary scout cloak dropped which was not too shabby.   Discovery, killing named, and completing quests saw Killy take a tidy 60% of her next aa level from our little run.

After completing todays shard quest for our empty Mistmyr Manor (Clicking on some puzzle boxes through the zone) and claiming my bonus shard, I headed back to the guildhall and made my new Pious Steel Sabatons.    So yay – Now Kil has her 5 piece bonus so basically she will now pretty much have an extra 10% heal crit half the time she is in combat.  

It was still super early for me when the group disbanded, so I decided to take my sage girl up to the Moors and then take her to start a heroic Tradeskill instance.

A busy weekend in real life may mean limited adventures in Norrath this weekend – but we will see.  Hopefully we might take out another new instance tonight since it is friday night – lets wait and see where the daily double is I guess 🙂   I will of course endeavour to finish my tradeskill instance on Sage girl too.

Happy hunting and crafting as always.