*Yawns* Monday morning again.

This weekend was full of seasonal festivities and fun, so as expected I fitted in some game time when I could while trying to avoid the heat.

It seems like I did not achieve a whole lot in game, and yet I guess I really did.

On Friday night I got together with the gang as usual, and we decided to hit Deep Forge instead of the daily double.   Although the spirit is willing, I think the flesh was weak and we were not really up for a difficult new zone since it was getting late on a Friday night :p  Arisha tanked us on quick and flawless run for our 2 shards for the evening.

With the expansion, tradeskillers now get a bonus to their tradeskill xp based on the number of other tradeskill characters you have on level 80 (10% per crafter to a maximum of 50% I believe) .  On Saturday morning Kilanna was my only tradeskiller at level 80.  5 of my other girls were sitting very near 80 however, so I thaught I would push on and have them ding 80.

I decided that I would go ahead and complete the quest Ship Off with the girls.   So one by one I stocked up their bags with the various harvests, fuels and portable crafting stations; and then headed up to the Moors.   After picking up the druid bush, each of them were teleported from place to place completing their allocated tasks, and each are now able to go ahead and enter the heroic Tradeskill instances.

Provided you take all the requisite components and portable crafting stations with you, this quest (with each of its small subquests) is able to be completed with a minimum of fuss.  The Tradeskill xp is outstanding and the coin rewards nothing short of sensational – somewhere between 4 and 5 platinum.

Then Sunday evening arrived all too soon.   Once again we were not really in the right mindset for Nur’oga for the daily double (feel better soon Arisha), so we decided on a nice quick run through Anathema.   As always when I am with the boys, we completed the zone with little fuss.  No events or lewtz of particular note.  The last named droped the scout cloak again which was a small upgrade for our trusty briggand (Congrats Topo!).  And with that – another weekend bit the dust.

We noted this weekend that some of the Void Shard missions appear to have been changed, so quests with clicky updates also seem to now also  incorporate a kill in the zone.   I guess this is to stop naughty folks like me sneaking back in the next day to our already clearded zones for a bonus shard.  I have heard of people selling access to cleared zones for shards as well… so I guess it was only a matter of time before that exploit was taken care of.

So although it did not feel like I achieved a lot this weekend, 5 of my crafter girls dinged 80, and Killy dinged 151aa.  Quite a tidy result I would say!