Once I was logged on last night and hooked up with the boys, we decided that we would have a go at Veksar – Sunken theatre for the daily double.   We had not been to this zone before and had no real intel on what to expect.  No problem – we thaught we would go and check it out anyway…..

Pretty much the first half of the zone went like clockwork.    The first real fun came when we got to the room with the 90Epic x 2.   Our first spot of luck came when Relden noticed some golem body parts in the room while we were looking for shard quest clicky updates.     After constructing our not so massive golem, we took a guess and used the charm from the previous room to de-activate the Epic.  Booooya – score one for our intrepid adventurers.

So the next fight of note was Cribblekeep, and I was already nervous about this fight.   I wondered if he was going to be as nasty as the damned Goblin in the regular Veskar zone.  I think we wiped to him twice while we got the plan to kill the Aqueous protectors.  Some well timed stuns to interrupt his AoE helped as well, and we were soon looking at his smooshed corpse.

The next named was the skelly Lord Sasil.  We killed the other 4 coffins in the room to make him vulnerable…. and took him down with only a little fuss.

And then on to the end of the zone and Garudon.  I think we might have wiped like 4 or 5 times to him.   We had no idea that this was going to be a 3 wave fight…. so were taken a bit by surprise the first time.    

Each time we tried we got that little bit closer to taking him down… but last night it was only time that was our enemy.   It was late for the New Zealand boys and I think we were loosing concentration, so we decided to call it a night.    That tail lash AoE is VERY nasty.   I think that we are going to try and take him down when we are fresh tonight, but unfortunately I think or daily double might have expired by then.  Not that it matters – it will just be nice to master another new zone. 

Handing in the regular shard quest meant Killy was pretty close to 152aa.

After the group disbanded it was still not too late really – so I decided to jump to my provisioner girl and finish her tradekill instance.   She had very little left to complete the zone so that was done in short order, and DING 65 Provisioner!!   Completing the heroic instance solo burned ALL of Illkas vitality, and earned her between 2 and 3 levels.   This is a GREAT way to get levels without using bunches of resources or incuring expenses doing regular tradeskill writs.

Time for Tailor and Woodworker girl to get some leveling in next weekend I think….. Darn I wish there was a way to reset Tradeskill vitality the way you can reset Adventure vitality :p   I love having all the tradeskill girls so I can be really self sufficient… and I love being able to contribute to the guild in a practical way.

So – another evening of fun and games in Norrath over.   Happy hunting and crafting everyone!