… never go quite as you had hoped right.

Even though I was tired and fell asleep on the train on the way home, I could not resist the urge to log on and get up to some mischief with the lads.   We got together, and we all decided to have a nice quick run for an early finish.  

After being joined by a new friend (on his fury) that we have met in our guild hosted pick up raids, we headed for Anathema again.   We know it is a quick guaranteed 2 shard run – and there is always the chance that the healer cloak will drop from that last named right…..   Well that was the plan.

Danonia actually brought his coercer girl instead of Relden for the run since we had a Fury.   The run went like absolute clockwork, and there really is not much more to say about it.   *sigh* the healer cloak didnt drop – but the caster cloak dropped for Dan.  His girl already had the RE2 cloak, so it was a bit of a sidegrade for her – but still all fun and games.

The group disbanded, and it was barely 8pm for me.   I felt it was time for a little festive cheer,  so I decided to head into Frostfell and check it out.   I mucked about, and with a little help from my Fury friend I finished the first quest for Frostfell shards.    I started the second quest in that chain, but soon found that the easy version was NOT soloable especially with a heal spec’d Templars dps.   

I am definitely going to check it out with my Pally girl though – with her pretty decent gear, good AoE dps and some heals she might have the best chance of all my girls for collecting a bunch of shards. 

After looking at the array of house goodies and various other bits and pieces my tokens could get, I was completely smitten.     I can see me spending many an hour outfitting some of my girls and their homes in there over the next couple of weeks 😀  Not to mention all the cool cool house items that also come from the giftgiver.

After then building some void shard armour for a guildie, and a wonderful opportunity to catch up with a good friend in game – I shuddered to realise it was now 11pm – and I was close to faceplanting the keyboard.    Where had my early night gone??  Maybe tonight eh!  *giggles* Who am I kidding!

Happy hunting and crafting as always.