By the time I got home last night and took care of real life – it meant I had little time in game.  I didnt even get to say ello to the New Zealand boys 😦  Needless to say this meant I did not get my usual run for two void shards last night.  Instead, it was another quick taste of Frostfell goodness!

Together with a couple of my guild mates, we did  2 runs through completing quest 2 and 3 of the Icy Keep quests for Killy.   One of the boys pulled us through the zone in bascially 10 mins flat – and DING 152aa for the happy little dorf!!.

I now have 21 Ice Tokens to spend.  I looked at the armour from the Frostfell vendor – and although it is pretty spiffy armour, my girl just looks stupid in it.  However, she does look very cute with her little Ice Tiara from the second quest :p   End result – I am looking at various house items to spend my tokens on – and the Baby Dragon Plushie is ADORABLE :p.    

Since the first Icy Keep quest is definitely soloable – I braught a couple of my other girls across to Frostfell to complete it.  it is do-able in less than five mins if you actually know where all the little listening devices need to be placed.  

I tried to solo the second Icy Keep quest with both my Pally and Monk.   After the second named smooshed my girls both times I just decided to give up.  I might see if some other guildies want to run their alts through for the aa and maybe take some more of my girls to finish the last 2 quests for the aa.   But this brings me to a big grumble I have.

I completely get the MULTIPLAYER part of MMORPG.  I love to group, and am part of an active guild with plenty of chances to group.  However, I find it appauling that solo players do not get their chance to run steps 2 and 3 of Icy Keep.   Why does the *easy* zone have con yellow heroics?   

I appreciate that the quest is marked as Heroic,  I have read the forums where the Devs have pointed out that some of the characters we meet in there might be part of an ongoing storyline…. But for goodness sake it is some holiday fun.   Why exclude any of your player base from any part of a  holiday event, especially if this is an introduction to things that might become part of the grater lore of Norrath.

At this time of year things come up, people are busy and fit in some game time when they can.  I was VERY lucky to find 2 guildies that were interested in running the zone with Kil last night – I doubt the other girls will be so lucky, and I want their plushie and tiara darn it!!   Not everyone can find a group when they are on – nor has the block of time to committ to a group at this time of year.    Some people will find that their colleagues have had their fill of the zones already, so they will miss out.

I am all for heroic content – I applaud it, I encourage it, and I LOVE exploring it with the boys – but *sigh* I really think it is poor form that more casual players dont get the chance to experience all the wonderful fun that Frostfell has to offer.