Well…. After my cranky post yesterday, it is time to get back into the holiday spirit and enjoy all of what is good and fun in Norrath.


It was lovely to resume normal programming and go for a quick run with the boys last night.   I don’t even remember where the daily double was, but we fell back on our good old faithful run through Anathema.   We had a quick giggle to ourselves – we all love checking out new places, but we must be getting old.   The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak when we must back up for an early start at work, especially for the New Zealand boys who have a +3 hour time difference to us at the moment.  


So – we mustered the troops and waded into battle.   Last night was the first time I had actually solo healed a TSO zone, and it was great fun.   We dispensed of the bad guys in short order with little fuss – I don’t believe anyone died the whole zone, but cant remember of our ranger ganked agro or not :p   I crossed fingers for my healer cloak to drop from the last named.  Alas – no joy again – another of the scout cloaks dropped.   My day will come I tell you!!!


Arisha then very kindly offered to take me on a quick run through Icy keep, and with that I think Killy has all the tokens she would like for her Christmas goodies.


After the boys logged out, I did something exceptionally geeky *blush*   I have decided to have a go at 2 boxing for some low level fun and games when I am not grouped up with the lads on Killy.   Is this a new chapter in my Everquest fun?

So…. I rolled up my first girl on my new account.   A Dark Elf Inquisitor girl called Anikka.   It basically took no time at all to get her to level 9.   And then I had my first effort at actually trying to run the girls together. 

I logged on my Pally Nanytya, and we ran through Icy Keep.  Mentored to level 9 Nanytya ran havoc through the place which was a lot of fun :p   But truth is my first try 2 boxing was not as much fun as I thought it might be, I much prefer hanging out with the boys.   What may be a lot of fun is running the girls through zones like Storrmhold, RoV and RE.  A Pally and Inquisitor could probably cause quite a bit of chaos.  


So I was then wondering how most folks handle the practicalities of 2 boxing.   I just had little Anikka on auto-follow, and was focusing on Nanytya.   I basically Alt-Tab to throw on the occasional heal/debuff from the Inquisitor then back to the Pally.


Anyhow, tonight is Friday night, so we shall see where the daily double may take us since it isn’t a school night 😀 .  No real plans to be honest for the weekend except perhaps some Tradeskill goodness while trying to avoid the summer heat in among the seasonal festivities.  It is supposed to be close to 100F today ouch!


Happy hunting all!