My adventures in Norrath last night were just WONDERFUL and relaxed.

As usual I hooked up with the boys….. and we were joined once again by Vadel, our friendly fury from Revelry and Honor.

Given that the daily double was in Lower Guk last night (an area where we have NOT been at this stage),  the boys very kindly once again offered to run Anathema for a chance to get Killys cloak.    The zone went off without a hitch – and needless to say Kil’s cloak didnt drop but something else quite pretty did

*Cheers*   A level 80 Templar master that my girl didnt have – and a good one at that.  I dont use it often, but having her group direct heal mastered is WAY nice!!

So after bidding good night to the Kiwi lads, I quickly did the quest for my Frosty Frostfell tree.  Vadel and Kilanna then headed to Kelethin and picked up the quests for our regular Frostfell tree.    We very quickly headed to Kunzar Jungle collecting our dolls from the gorillas and twine from the Mantrap flowers.  Back to Kelethin – rinse and repeat for our wreath and then DING… 153aa!

It was really neat to hang out with Vadel for a bit, look at a couple of his characters homes, and just generally chatting about a whole bunch of stuff game related and otherwise.

I then decided to spend the rest of my evening mucking around and putting up the Frostfell decorations in Kils manor house.   I never cease to be amazed at the imagination and creativity displayed by some folk in decorating their game homes.   Although I am not at all gifted like that, it is an aspect of the game I enjoy immensely.   So now Killys house is looking all festive!

By the time I was done, more time had passed that I had realised… and sleepy Dwarf headed out of Norrath for the evening.   I am thinking tonight I might head into the frostfell village, do some harvesting and craft some of this years Frostfell pretties.

Happy hunting and crafting all!!