As a prelude to the rest of my post today, anyone who knows me in real life knows that I am not a very complicated person.   If I am happy you know it, and if I am grumpy you know it (the poor Pax Fatalis boys :p).   What you see is very much what you get.   One day I am sure I will write about having a completely crap weekend in game – but that certainly was not this weekend.


Friday night was a very low key evening.   Arisha was off enjoying some festive cheer in the real world, so I found myself doing a little pottering about in game and chatting with friends.  Helping out a guildie with their first trip into Frostfell, and a little bit of crafty goodness of course.


Saturday evening was also much fun .  We got the regular boys together and headed into Caverns of the Afflicted & Deep Forge.   We struggled a little with our AoE dps in Caverns, but none the less cleared the zone, got our shards, and then headed across to Lavastorm for a near flawless run.  


So then Sunday evening rolled around.   I was done battling the crowds for my Christmas shopping more quickly than expected, so got to log in a bit earlier in the evening.   We rallied the gang, and had enough time to run both Scion of Ice and Anathema.  Nothing of note, except *sigh* my healer cloak STILL wont drop L


As usual I still had some time to play a little after the group disbanded, so I mentored Killy to level 11 with my newly rolled SK…. And headed to Timorous Deep to complete some quests for aa.   Now I know that she would still get the aa if she just completed the quests grey – but hey I am having a little fun trying to box 😀


Logging out last night saw my girl with 23 shards (almost enough to upgrade to Righteous Mithril Shoulders yay!), and she is just shy of 153aa.   I have been contemplating whether to hold my shards and update all my void gear at once – or to upgrade piece by piece (which would mean loosing my current 5 piece bonus).  I think I have decided to upgrade Shoulders (+8% base healing) then Breastplate (Reduced power cost of heal spells). 


At that time I will have my 2 set piece bonus for the Righteous Mithiril, while retaining the 3 piece bonus for the regular void shard armour.  I will then contemplate if I wish to save up and upgrade the last 3 pieces at once.


I was absolutely chuffed this morning too when Wilhelm from The Ancient Gaming Noob caught me in-game, and I was able to help out his new warrior boy with some new fulginate gear.  I had just poked my head in to check the broker over coffee but that was a very nice start to my Monday morning.


Not sure what this evening will bring, but I am sure there will be the usual fun and chaos in Norrath.   Happy hunting and crafting all!