Well I must admit there really is nothing much of note to report on last nights adventures in Norrath to be honest.

I logged in as usual and we gathered the troops.   We were actually up for 2 zones on a school night 🙂   With the daily double in Guk again, we formed a plan and headed to Deep Forge and – you guessed it – Anathema.  

The boys are so sweet running that zone AGAIN for a chance to get Kils cloak.  I know we are not just going there for that reason – after all it is a quick guaranteed two shards, but I appreciate it none the less.

*Le Sigh* Scout cloak dropped from the last named AGAIN – but it was also very exciting because a lvl 80 Coercer master dropped for Danonias Coercer girl 🙂   2 level 80 masters from him 2 nights running – nice!!!

I actually switched on ACT last night for the first time in a while to have a look at my heal breakdown.   Vadel came with his fury but was mostly mellee.   Once again, I was happy to see what my girl can do!

At the end of my run I then had 29 Shards – WEEEEE Enough for my Righeous Mithril shoulders.   So Arisha very kindly made them before popping off for the evening.

To finish off a lovely evening I then headed to Frostfell for a little more holiday cheer.  I had not made any of the new pretties there yet – so started harvesting and made a few new things for Kils house.   There are still a couple of house items I have not made yet, so I will probably do that tonight.

I have been having so much fun with Killy in Frostfell that I have been neglecting my tradeskill girls recently.  I really dont think I will do too much with any of my other girls in Frostfell now I have experienced it with Killy.   Illka (Provisioner), Xorlan (Tailor) and Elanta (Woodworker) will all be sitting on full tradeskill vitality and I look forward to pushing them to max level as quickly as their vitality and seasonal festivities permitt 🙂

As I write this, it is now mid morning on Christmas Eve here in Australia – so wishing everyone a very Merry Frostfell for tomorrow *hugz*