Well… Santa has been and gone for another year.   I was a very spoilt dwarf, and had a wonderful time with the family over the holiday – but back to work for me this morning *sigh*


In among the seasonal festivities there has still been time for a little gaming to be honest,   Nothing overly exciting just a few instance runs here and there.   Still trying with very little success to get Kilanna her healer cloak from either RE2 or Anathema, although she did DING 154aa last night.   My provisioner girlie hit level 70 Provisioner *cheers* so now I can start to make Tier 8 food and drink.  


Also took a little run with one of the boys last night to get some questing done towards Nanytya’s port hammer.   I am sure that I could have done the quests solo, but having an extra pair of hands meant that I got almost the entire Selnok Brigade faction quest line finished in about half an hour.  Logged out last night just short of 77 Pally, and almost 121aa.


I would also like to give Kudos to SoE customer service for some wonderful help that they gave me over the break too.   I am certain that I did something really stupid while Arisha was having Kilanna craft a piece of void shard armour.   End result – Arisha got her piece of void shard armour (eventually) and I also lost 11 of my void shards *eeeeep*   A quick petition and my 11 shards were very kindly returned *cheers*


Yesterday was indeed a very slow day for me in real life.   Saturday night saw a get together for a Christmas celebration with a bunch of guild mates in town.  We started at lunch time and progressed on ‘til quite late in the evening.  After partaking of more than a little Vodka, yesterday was recovery day :p   It was just super spending some time with the boys and girls.   Although we are only online friends, it felt very comfortable to be chilling out, shooting some pool, listening to some music, and having a few laughs.   Some of us have met up a couple of times before, so folk were relaxed and everyone seemed to have a GREAT time.


Posting might still be a little irregular for the next week until seasonal festivities are fully complete – but hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas.


Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!