Well last night was absolutely full of fun as always ….. but it was all about the Pally.

I logged on Killy and quickly found that Mistmyr Manor was the Daily Double. Arisha had not yet logged on, and a couple of the boys were AFK. The Pally girl was enticingly close to level 77 so I thought I would see if I could get any quests done quickly while I waited.

Well one thing led to another when the boys logged on – no one seemed particularly excited about a shard run. A new guild mate had logged on with her lvl 71 zerker, and so I decided we would mentor her girl and go for a run to OoB and CoV. OMG was the world ready for my tanking!!!

Well I have got to say I had an absolute ball. Arisha was on (another) alt healer so was able to give me pointers and help walk me through the zones. We had I think only one death of our suicidal Assassin :p but I completely enjoyed myself. I was probably a bit slow, but I don’t think that anyone minded. I don’t think there were any particularly hideous pulls, and I don’t think I went AoE crazy and pulled a gazzilion adds anywhere.

Maybe once or twice I had trouble with getting agro off of Relden, but I guess that is one of the perpetual challenges of tanking to keep agro from the healers.  I adore Sygil of Heroism for siphoning group hate in a tight spot, and Amends just rocks for keeping agro off of the squishy ranger :p

Pumped and excited after giving Valdoon a right smooshing, I was sitting so close to level 77 I could not bear the excitement. So I headed off with a Templar guildie and we finished a couple of quests together real quick… and DING 77 Palladin.

This was SOOOO exciting, because she is one step closer to being able to wear the 2 pieces of her T8 Legendary Set (Ravaged Onslaught) that she has.   Something just clicked last night I dont know how else to explain it.   I get a feeling there will be MANY more posts dedicated to Nanytya’s fun and games, but darn her gear could do with some upgrading she has PITIFUL mitigation and resists.   Not only that, but I also noticed that she got Apprentice 1 versions of her new Spells / Combat Arts. It has been a while since she leveled so that was a surprise indeed – when did SoE change that????

I was then thrilled that my Templar guildmate asked if I could make her some Adept 3’s. I also have a couple of Silicate Loams, so I shall have Alchi girl make Adept 3’s for Nanytya  I am just so pleased that after leveling my crafter girls, they are not sitting idle. It is doubly cool that people are happy to ask for my girls to help.

I recently read back to my very first few blog posts. Some times it has been a wild ride, but moving Kilanna into Pax Fatalis has been exactly what I was hoping for in a guild. I am very happy I have found such a lovely group of folk to spend my time with, and we certainly get up to some fun 

Happy hunting and crafting all.

*Edit:   Silly me checked over coffee this morning…. and my girl actually DOES now sport her Ravaged Onslaught gloves and helm /cheers.  For some reason I was thinking 78 before she could wear.*