Last night saw me happily enjoy dinner and drinks with a couple of my guildmates again 🙂 …. so no adventures for Killy or Nanytya to report today.   However, it is the morning of 31 December for me….. and so as we bid farewell to 2008 and olla 2009, I thaught I would reflect on the year that was.

First and foremost – I have had a barrel of laughs with my guildmates.  We have met lots of lovely new folks too since Pax has started hosting raids and inviting folks from out of guild. *waves to Vadel from Revelry and Honour and Xerberus from Kings Guild*

As we began the year, Kilanna was probably level 73 or 74 – just dipping her toes into the content of RoK.   Together with the band of merry men in Pax we worked our way through the content steadily and in March finally got the last of her 140aa.

SoE have done a MAGNIFICENT job of keeping me interested in the game IMHO.   We mastered new zones like Shard of Fear, Runnyeye 2, and Veksar: The invasion.  Added to this we all had our Epic Weapons to strive for with Killy carrying her Fabled Impact of the Sacrosanct at the moment.    There was the introduction of the new raid zone Shard of Hate which offered some magnificent pretties, and a nice chunk of the zone is able to be worked by raid forces of all levels, not just the raiding elite.

Other changes in game which I personally have loved have been extra bank slots & shared bank slots between all characters on one account, and can I just say GUILD HALLS FTW.   I am a bit of a lazy person so I have also adored the introduction of integrated voice chat into game too.

For those of us who are dedicated (some would say certifiable) there has been Tradeskill Epics, and a great deal of additional content for Tradeskillers even before the expansion.   Through this year I have worked toward my lofty goal of having one character to cover each of the Tradeskills at max level.  So far I have 6 of the girls at 80 and the other 3 now nudging their way into Tier 8.

We have had new friends join the guild this year, and sadly we bid farewell to one of our friends who passed away in June [ RIP Jess 😦 ]

So what is in store for me in game 2009?   Well Killy still has 45aa to get for herself, I am sure that there are LOTS of fun and adventures in store for my newly revered Palladin girl with 3 levels, epic weapon, Void armour and some 75aa still left for her to get :p    Some crafter girls still need a few levels and maybe Kil might earn her Mythical Epic Weapon and FINALLY get her tradeskill epic finished too.

So my best wishes to everyone and their families for a safe, prosperous and Happy New Year!!!