Nearly there. Friday, Jan 30 2009 

Last night Arisha and I decided we felt like pushing on and getting the last updates in CMM for the Swords of Destiny line.    So after mulling about a wee bitty, Danonia joined us and we headed again for pretty much a similar trip to the previous night.

Nothing much to report or say…… it was just a little bit of fun really.  We moved around, got some more aa, got our updates all finished and that was that.  

I spoke to the NPC back on the Island in Butcherblock, and Killy right now is parked outside the throne room of New Tunaria.  She just has to speak to a couple of NPC’s tonight in the instance and the Lucanic Hammer shall be hers!!.   I know it isnt that great an achievement now … but the aa has not been too bad!

After Arisha and Danonia logged for the evening, I did some more decorating on Kils manor house and a wee bitty of tradeskilling to ding my little provisioner girl while chatting with guildies.   Some areas I am very fond of, and others are just so so.   Over the weekend I might do a post with some screen shots if I feel the inspiration.

Next on the agenda I think is getting my Claymore finally finished.   I have been putting off getting those updates in HoF by myself, but last night Arisha happily offered to run me through sometime over the weekend hoooooooray! 

So what are the plans for the weekend?   Well apart from my final Claymore and SoD updates, I am guessing there will be some shard runs (REALLY would love to go Veskar 2).  I think I am done with decorating Killys house for now too, so maybe a little more fun with my dirge may be in order. 

Some more news seems to be coming through about the new Heirloom loot tag, and apparently some faction items will also be tagged so they can be swapped between alts.  Darn it I hope they do that with the updates for the Tradeskill epic.  I have an 80 Carpenter and Weaponsmith … but am yet to find anyone to get those updates for Killy *giggles*

Wishing everyone a weekend full of happy hunting and crafting!!!


Something a little quieter. Wednesday, Jan 28 2009 

Last night was a lovely sedate night in game which was nice.  After a busy weekend and raids I was looking forward to something a little quieter.

By the time I was settled down to play, most people had already headed off to various instance groups.    Arisha and Danonia settled in for a little play time too – and I suggested a trip to Castle Mistmoore for SoD updates prior to MMIS raid.   So the three of us headed out and what followed was an absolute blast. 

We moved steadily through the castle and smooshed EVERYTHING in our path without breaking a sweat.   *giggles* A couple of times we pulled 2 groups of mobs and I actually had to heal!!

Oh and we are soooo bad ass – we three manned the Epic together with I think only one other group of mobs :p  BIG shame he only dropped treasured 😦

End result- Arisha and I both got updates, we both dinged aa and progressed our quests nicely.

Arisha and Dano then logged out of Norrath for the night leaving me to do a little more decorating in Killys house.     It is coming along and I think I will finish it tonight.  

I have said it before, that it constantly amazes me the amount of effort and imagination some people display in decorating their in game homes and guild halls.  Danonia did an AMAZING job with one wing of our guild hall – cant wait to see what he does with the other!!

 I certainly dont think Killys house is a masterpiece but I am proud of it, and might even put up some screenshots in the coming days.

Hope everyone is having a good week  in Norrath.   Happy hunting and crafting!

A mixture of healing observations. Wednesday, Jan 28 2009 

I logged Killy in last night when I got home ready to raid.   Almost as soon as I got on there was chatter in the guild and we decided to default to PR for raid.    Apparently there was quite a bit of interest on the server for a PR raid, so we quickly filled it.  

Nothing too much to report – Topo played his Warden so we were minus our brigand.   I noted that it really made a difference not having his traumatic swipe for the AoEs, and so healing felt just that little bit more pushed.   There was a lot of plate healer lovin happening in loot drops, but Kil already had all the pieces and there were no other plate healers – so we had some pieces muted 😦 

We cleared the zone and I dont remember any wipes, but it certainly was not the neatest trip through there we have ever had. 

After that, we very quickly helped a guildie with some updates for his Epic, and there was a trip through Anathema.

Now here is another observation…. I have solo healed a couple of different tanks through Anathema, both of them experienced and with good gear.  One is our raid MT (Pally) and the other our raid MA (SK).   I know that group makeup is quite important, but it is incredible just how different it feels to heal different class tanks of the same calibre. 

I have not gone back and looked at ACT for when I solo healed Arisha, but last night I healed almost 3 million hit points health zonewide (almost 1000 heals/sec).  I was seeing health spiking in a way that I am not used to seeing with Arisha.  Certainly kept me on my toes and pushed me, but I love a challenge, and I was proud and surprised to see what sort of damage my girl really can heal!!  

Not really sure what tonight holds, but might look at a nice quiet night with the gang and progress some of the guild on their SoD in preparation for a MMIS raid I think.   No matter what we do I am sure we shall have some fun as usual. 

Happy hunting and crafting everyone.

And the winner is…… Monday, Jan 26 2009 

This past weekend was a holiday weekend here in Australia to celebrate the foundation of our country.   26 January 1788, Captain James Cook landed in Botany bay – not far from where the Sydney International Airpurt now stands.   What better way to celebrate a holiday weekend than some good food, time with family and friends, and lots of EQ goodness *grins*

Well this weekend – the official winner was certainly little Kilanna.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights saw us running shart quests through a mix of Scion of Ice, Anathema, Deep Forge and the Crucible.   No real loots of excitement dropped, but shards shards shards and my little girl now has 5 pieces of her righteous Mithril armour.   It was also exciting since Amai got enough shards to get her girls first piece of shard armour and she isnt even ready to wear it yet.     Sunday also included a very fast and incredibly chaotic run throught Deathtoll – Tarinax died and Killys Claymore is updated – now just a quick trip in HoF which I frankly could not be bothered doing on my own….

Monday was the most AWESOME day in game… and just oodles and oodles of fun.

Firstly, my little girl went for a pick up Pawbuster raid and *cheers* the bad boy went down on the second pull.   Kilanna and Relden healed themselves very proud indeed, and grats on your mythical update Relden!!   Having now seen how it was successfully done, that certainly is a good thing for us when we attempt this as a guild very soon.   This also saw my final update to the fates of Norrath quest, so just need to go talk to the NPC and move that right along :p

After that I went on a run through Deep Forge and  Evernight Abbey where my little girl proudly solo healed – including the nasty nasty python girl *grrrr*   We died a couple of time for sure – but we still did it, and I could not have been more pleased.

Then after a bit of a break, we had our regularly scheduled fun in SoH (OMG 2 raid zones in one day!).   I just have two words – WOW!!! and YAY!!!

The wow moment came when we had dispatched with the Dreadlord.   After the number of times we have smooshed him and I had hoped in vain, Arisha popped the chest to show Etheral Mist Gauntlets.  At this point Danonia had to remind me to breathe :p   and within a few short  moments my little girl proudly had her new pretty gloves on.    Thanks a bunch to the very very sweet hotfudge who declined because she knew I had been looking for those gloves for a long while from our pick up raids.

That excitement passed, Demetrious and Master P were also smooshed and then we moved on to the sisters for our complete YAY moment.   After maybe 4 or 5 attempts, we rallied the troops for one last try for the night.    Some folks who had successfully conquered this fight offered us some fine advice, and swapped toons to aid the cause.   We split our healers between the nasty girls, and started the fight.    It certainly was not the prettiest fight we had ever done …. but some 6 Minutes and 43 Seconds later we danced on their deader than dead corpses!  (I really can be quite a sensitive, empathetic and compassionate person in real life you know :D)  

I am sure that in the coming couple of weeks we will still struggle with this fight, but the hoodoo is broken and we have finally gotten them down.   I am sure we will refine the strat , and then this fight will soon start to feel as comfortable as the other named that we can now take without breaking a sweat.   I knew last week that we had it in us!!

Tonight sees us head off to raid again….. I think it will be KorSha to start working toward the Overking for some mythical updates, including my own, but not quite 100% sure.

So – an adventure weary little dwarf finishes her long weekend a very happy little girl.    Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!!

A little bit more about the Pally. Thursday, Jan 22 2009 

I was having my usual daydream on the train on the way home last night, and for some reason I just started to feel like a trip to Veskar 2.

When I got home I logged Killy on – *cheers* it so happens that was the DD.   So we got together the regular boys and picked up a couple of guildies – and ended up with 3 tanks in the group.   We decided that it would not be a good idea to try Veskar with this group make up, so instead we went to Anathema and Deep forge.   

Nothing much to report, and no loot of particular note.   I solo healed and everything pretty much went like clockwork, including the Doomsmith with his nasty uncurable Elemental DoT in Deep Forge.

After we finished that, the group disbanded and the New Zealand boys headed out of Norrath for the night.  It was still quite earlyish for me – And there was some talk of CoA.   So very quickly I swapped to the Pally and got a guild group together, and we headed in.  

Our group consisted of myself on the Pally, Amai on her Zerker, Topo on his Brig, Blackwolf on his ranger, and a bruiser (who is new to the guild – welcome *waves*) and warden.    Well it was actually a really good experience and I enjoyed it a whole lot.   Unfortunately, our Bruiser was letting loose with some incredibly high dps … and even though I had Amends on him, agro control was not quite as smooth as I would have liked.

We moved through the zone steadily, smooshed everything in our path, didnt have a single death the whole instance – and so I pretty much give it a thumbs up for success there.    Not to mention it is just that little bit more experience and learning with tanking, which is just very cool fun.

The last named dropped Caroitidcutter *drools for my little dirge*, Nanytya got her Ravaged Onslaught forearms, and our Bruiser got a Master.  I know that there have been people who have farmed Agony for that Carotidcutter, so it was such a shame it was only greed loot for our group.

It came to my attention that I had been TOTALLY slack and not upgraded a few of my girls spells to Ad3 yet, so once we finished Agony I popped on to Selara and now Pally girl is fully kitted with her spells.  One of the spells was Holy Ground so that is going to make no end of difference for agro – basically being able to put yourself to the top of the hate list once every minute and a bit is quite handy indeedy 🙂

We have collected the DD for Veskar 2 … So I do hope we will try and put a group together and head up their tonight.    I would really love to bring Killy if you can wait for me to log in boys  😀

Anyhows…. enough ramblings for me today.   Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend of hunting and crafting in Norrath.


There seems to be a little talk on various blogs and forums about a new loot flag called Heirloom.   Although still under development, potentially items with this flag will be able to be traded only between characters on the same account via the shared bank.   Talk seems to be centred on Void Shards in particular.

I am very excited at the prospect of being able to share lewtz between my various girls. It is super because I am part of a good regular group with people I trust not to be greedy.  Imagine if something drops Arisha does not need but flagged heirloom – I could potentially throw my hat in the ring for Nanytya and vice versa. 

Once I take the little Crusader through zones for the aa … it will be nice to go back to my beloved Killy – and yet still be contributing to Nanytyas developement so she can tank for the group sometimes. After all I am still putting in the effort of doing the zones on one of the girls – It is not like anyone will be getting something for nothing this way.

BUT …. for those who usually do a lot of PuG’s, then this would essentially mean you are competing with not only the 5 others in the group for Lewtz with this flag, but also all of their alts. I wonder how significantly that would reduce the impetus of people to group with folk they dont know?   I wonder how different this is really to people swapping out to their alts anyway (as happens now) – this may in fact just be making things a little easier in practice.

Overall though I am feeling very positive about this idea, and think  it will be GREAT if implemented with care.

A little tanking goodness Wednesday, Jan 21 2009 

Last night was just a VERY low key night in game after our two nights of raiding.  Now that my pally girl has newly dinged 80 *cheers* I took her for a spin last night :p

I got a group together and we took a run through VoES which was nice.   Thank the lord I had Arisha on his bard guiding – it was really great fun.   Nothing of great significance dropped….. And I love the room with the sort of ring event with the Golems.    Hated healing it  in the mid 70’s but it was a heck of a lot of fun tanking it.

Then we took a wee run down to Sebilis.  As we arrived to zone in, the ring event was up YAY!!   A quick tank and burn, and the Gatekeeper was smooshed.   We zoned in, finished off some quests and killed some named – and DING 132aa for my little girl.

With time and practice I hope I become more confident and less awkward.  With experience I guess comes knowledge of the zones

I then spent some time doing something I have not done in EVER such a long time.   I tried to clear some crap out of Nanytyas backpacks and get some sort of order to the girls bank slots.   So that little bit of housekeeping done, I was ever such a sleepy dwarf and headed out of Norrath for the night.  

Not much else to report really – so happy hunting and crafting as always everyone.

One more milestone! Tuesday, Jan 20 2009 

As previously mentioned, last night saw us head to Protectors Realm.  We thaught it would just be nice to have a little warm up on our first week back, get a mythical update for our guild warden, and hope that the plate forearms dropped for Arisha.

I have nothing much to say about the raid really.  Every pull went like clockwork,  every mob was burned, a couple of guildies got some pretties, the guild got a few masters to sell for guild funds, and I would say we are now all officially warmed up and ready to face new challenges next week :p

After raid I logged off, but had a little trouble getting off to sleep.  I logged back in for a short while on Nanytya and did some of the dwarf repeatables in JW and guess what guess what?

DING!!!  80 Palladin for my girl *cheers*

So truth is now if I am going to be serious about tanking with her, then I need to clear some of the crap out of her backpacks and get her some better gear.   Doesnt need to be anything special, but I really do need better Avoid and Mit if I want to tank instances.  

I have really neglected this girl in comparison to Kil – but I guess that is the way of things with an Alt.  They are not going to get that focus and attention to detail.   I was pretty happy though, now I have 2 girls at 80/80.

So what is next???   Keep on keeping on with Killy – start focusing on her AA.   For Nanytya it will be looking at getting her some gear upgrades.   And keep on enjoying my fun and games on the bardling.

As always – happy hunting and crafting everyone 🙂

Woe to Ire and Malevolance Monday, Jan 19 2009 

Well as I mentioned yesterday, last night saw the resumption of raiding for 2009.  

I was logged in about 40 mins before raid.  Dan pretty soon started pulling raid together and it was nice to chatter a wee bitty with folk while that happened. 

All in all last night went nice and smooth.  Healing felt very controlled, and I was happy with how it all felt.    It was super gratifying that most of the raid was guildies – and comparitively few from out of guild.

The Dreadlord went down without a sweat really – and grats to one of the Pax clan for her new pretty Armlets of Misgivings (*sigh* no gloves for me :p)

Demetrious also went down in a blink – dropping the pretty Zerker/Guard buckler for Amai on her first raid *cheers* well done girlie!!

Then on to Master P’Tsa (hrms hope my spelling isnt too bad).   Not quite as tidy,  but still smooshed first pull without any raise in blood pressure.   He dropped a beautiful Dirge earring and the Diamond Rod.

At that point, we were short of the appropriate tank classes to try the sisters but 2 members of the raid kindly offered to swap, and so we headed to give them a try. 

I just dont know what it is that we need to do in order to get these nasty girls down.  Today we tried having the MT and raid burning Malevolance down as quick as we could while MA just tried to hold Ire.  Every time though, Ires script seemed to start, then with both of them running around it was virtually impossible to keep the fight under controll.  

We have tried several strats, including having the MT hold Ire while the entire rest of the raid burns Malevolance.  That did not seem to work either.   Really we didnt break a sweat with the other 3 named that we conquered.  These nasty ladies are well within our capabilities I know it – if only we could get that strat!!!

Tonight will see us heading to PR.  This will give one of our guildies a mythical update, hopefully some new forearms for Arisha, and just give us a nice warm up for our first week back at raiding.  Next week will see us leave PR and maybe Pawbuster/Thuuga or Kor’Sha.  

As always happy hunting and crafting all!!

Fun in Unrest. Monday, Jan 19 2009 

Well another weekend of fun and games in Norrath was had.

Friday night was a lovely quiet evening. Some of the boys were not logged in, and I was a little sleepy so wasn’t sure what I felt like doing. Eventually, we settled on taking Amaijunan to CoA. After putting a guild group together, Sytiva tanked us through double time. Killy healed and it was SUCH a hoot. I do still want to take Nanytya through there, but that trip was for Amai. And I was absolutely thrilled because *DING* she is now 75 Zerker and is able to join us on our SoH raid.

Saturday night was also an absolute hoot. Amaijunan was logged on, and I had been mentioning to the boys that we take her to Unrest. Arisha was doing his SoD quest for xp/aa too and needed the statue in there. Nanytya had only been part way through the zone. Danonias cute little Troubie (Velet) had not been there, nor had Blackhealer. As always Topo was happy to come along for the fun and chaos – So it was off to Unrest. I was very happy because it is one of my completely favourite zones in the game. I love the story as you progress through the zone and the atmosphere.

Despite the number of times I have actually been here on Kil, it felt like a new zone with Nanytya. My girl tanked, and Arisha brought his lil Fury. Gawd bless Dirae.  I think we got through the entire zone with maybe only Velet dying once, and I don’t think it was too slow – Arisha seemed comfortable with the pace when I was talking to him after we finished.   We snuck Arisha back into the cleared zone to get his SoD statue.

We had a few little bugs as we went through the zone. Lord knows how it was that we managed to pull one of the cubes from in the lake when we were downstairs in the manor lol – but it did not detract from the fun we had. I was glad that we were all at higher levels, because I remember how unforgiving that zone was at level 70.

After finishing the zone, we were keen to try the Bugaboo. Bad tank I was in Offensive stance, on the first pull – and we all went splat. Second pull though, and we were off and racing, and the Bugaboo went down *cheers* I was pretty happy with that. Thanks again to the boys (especially Arisha, Dano and Topo) for their encouragement and help – as well as their willingness to be guinea pigs :p

Sunday was a very mixed day in game and I loved it too. While I was chatting with a friend about some very exciting things happening for her, I had a little time on Katyya. Finished off all of Timorous Deep and Darklight woods – now she has moved into Butcherblock.

I decided to drop in on Castillion, Sinnir and the folks from Second String on Mistmoore server. I made up a little Coercer, and pottered about while chatting a little with the gang, but I just could not get into the chanter, I rerolled her as a wizard and that was a bit more fun. Sinnir and I talked healer goodness for a wee while which was a whole lot of fun too.

Once the boys logged in for the evening, we assembled the troops and headed to Crucible. Arisha tanked us on a pretty much flawless run. The Codexicon dropped the healer charm, but unfortunately Killy lost the roll to the Mystic who had joined us – no matter though – always next time.

After we finished Crucible and the group disbanded, I swapped to Nanytya. She had finished the Bone Clasped Girdle HQ earlier in the day, but I was keen to forge on with getting her to 80. I headed into KJ , but soon moved to Skyfire when Sytiva offered to come and help. We were absolutely decimating the mobs thanks to Syt’s DPS awesomeness. Nanytya now has her JW Port hammer, and has less than 20% until she dings level 80 😀

Killy didn’t get much love, but the end of the weekends festivities saw the situation as such :

Nanytya: 79 Palladin 130aa

Katyya: 27 Dirge 21aa

Tonight will see us resuming raids and heading into SoH, so expect more tales tomorrow. As always Happy hunting and crafting!

EQ2 nerd – and proud of it! Friday, Jan 16 2009 

As I headed home from work last night, I was daydreaming as usual and thinking a little more about guild business, the boys, and what I wanted to do with Killy, Nanytya & the baby bardling.   I was quite tired when I got home, so really was not in the right frame of mind for tackling CoA on Nanytya.   When I logged in, it turned out that Scion of Ice was the DD – very nice.

So, we got the usual gang together, and headed for the Scion.    Danonia came on his Coercer girl rather than Relden ( mystic), so Killy found her self solo healing.    I was honestly a bit worried about healing Arisha through the twin sphinx, but as it turns out it was not a problem.  I did however use a few choice expletives at Miragul.  Killy got knocked back, snared, and then his AoE one shot her 😦     We still killed him on the first pull though,  so *blows raspberry*

It was still early enough that we felt like tackling another easy zone so off to deep forge.  Again I was a wee bit nervous about solo healing Arisha through the last named,  and as it turns out he was not so much of a problem either.   I did however use a few choice expletives at the named in the room with the hammers.   Twice we ended up with that incurable elemental DoT that wiped the group. Third time lucky.  6 Shards for the night.

One thing I have planned for ingame, is to finish off decorating Killys Manor House in South Qeynos.  So once we finished in Deep Forge  I went visiting a couple of homes for some ideas and inspiration.   I really never cease to be amazed at the imagination and effort some folks have spent in that regard.   Armed with some new ideas, I think Killys home might get some attention this weekend.

This kind of flows on to the rest of my post – well at least in my mind anyway    This is my blog and so I can be very self indulgent :p

My MMO is more than just a game to me.  

There I said it!  However, My game and my avatar are not my whole existance nor do they define who I am.   Each of us has a passion – reading, writing, music, movies, a hobby or interest of some description.   For me it is my MMO  and finally I dont feel like I have to be ashamed of that.  Yup – I am a computer nerd, and proud of it.

In a persistant virtual world I have made Killy a home, built friendships of a form with a bunch of people (the guild), and have develoved closer relationships with some of the most wonderful people (/hugz the boys again :D).   Some of these friendships have even stepped out of the virtual and into the real world for better or worse.

I have my trusted group of friends, and we have a whole bunch of shared memories and experiences.   My life has been changed and enritched by these experiences and friendships, and I hope it will continue for a long time to come.   After a whole lot of contemplation and reflection I no longer feel the need to apologise for how I spend my spare time, nor the bonds I have forged with others with the same interest.

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