Well – firstly Happy New Year to everyone!!!

I have had SOOO much fun the last couple of days in game – it has been awesome!

I got a lovely early mark from work on New Years Eve so headed home to chill out a little before festivities.   I was keen to do some more tanking on the Pally, so Nanytya took an intrepid group of her adventuring guildmates into Halls of Fate and then on to Den of the Devourer.

We had Nanytya at lvl 77 Pally, Amaijunan (72 Zerker), Dirae (71 Fury), then 80 Mystic (Relden) Brig (Topo) and Ranger (Blackwolf) mentoring.  And what fun.   We caused absolute slayage I must say.   We were pretty much pulling and decimating the zones room at a time.  It was absolutely FANTASTIC fun even if it really did not teach me anything about tanking :p

Nanytya had been to both those zones before so there was not an awful lot of xp or aa for her – but our Zerker and Fury both got some nice aa.   No real loot of note.   My favourite room is the room in HoF that has like about 20 Drakes.  It was so much fun to just run in and AoE the heck out of everything and see it all go smoosh 😀   I did however manage to kill us once getting a little too overconfident in HoF (Oops sorry boys and girls)

Well after a slow start on New Years Day then, we assembled the regular troops.   There were only 5 of us, but we headed into Deep Forge for the daily double.  We very smartly finished the zone and that gave Killy enough void shards for her upgraded Breastplate *cheers*  and we also got a level 80 master drop for our Briggand – Hooray for Topo!!

Flushed with success we decided we would do another zone and I meekly requested yet another try to get Kils cloak from Anathema.  The boys kindly replied that a shard run is a shard run and they did not mind at all – bless them!!   Again with just the 5 of us we headed in and promptly slayed everything in our way.  The Golem that is spawned by the shade even dropped us a nice fabled piece, so Dan logged off from his healer and braught in his Coercer girl for the piece – YAY for her.

Then we headed to the last named, killed it deader than dead… and what was this – ANOTHER Exquisite Chest??  and OMG a Templar Master… and OMG OMG OMG HEALER CLOAK!!!!!!   The hoodoo is broken and my girl now proudly wears her lovely 3 heal crit cloak.  She even got a little healer charm too.  Nothing too special but a nice little item none the less.   With my superior powers of editing I shall insert screenshots when I get home tonight.

After a brief break in proceedings, we then tossed up some options for another run somewhere – and settled on returning to Veksar: Sunken Theatre to take out Garudon.

Well what a difference.   Since it was only late afternoon we were all awake and alert, and there was no time pressures with making sure we logged off to get to bed on a school night.  After our first visit here we knew what to expect with the mobs, and we headed through the zone methodically and with ease.  Danonia was on his coercer girl so he charmed one of the goblins as a pet which did absolutely AMAZING dps.  

Finally we stood looking at Garudon….. We readied our selves and Arisha picked a little alcove to tuck his girl in to tank.  The first mob was smooshed with ease… the second wave of mobs went down without fuss and then we were face to face with Dragon boy.  We all crowded in the little alcove where Arisha was to avoid that nasty nasty tail slap AoE, and in a mater of moments Garudon was down *Cheers* 

So all in all what can I say.   A massive amount of fun was had, and Kilanna certainly had much to celebrate on the first day of the new year!!!  A big *hugz* to the boys for being so kind & patient and running Anathema so many times.

Happy hunting and crafting all