Well last night was a completely low key night in game.

I got home and the guild was VERY quiet.  Not much going on and I was incredibly tired.   I could not get settled on what I felt like doing.

I tried to head up to Skyfire with Nanytya to get the last few of her faction quests done towards her hammer ….. So damned frustrating she kept getting killed and I didnt want to end up with a huge xp debt so I just called back home to the guild hall.

I had been talking with Stargrace on Sunday night, and she showed me a pretty little healer charm that we think is Provisioner made (Danak faction recipe)  Damn how did I not know about it before hehe.

So then I decided to log to Illka and start working her towards being able to make them.  She is actually pretty close to level 71, but obviously has no Danak faction.   I knew I was too tired to start New Lands New Profits on her, so I just did a few little writs before weariness overcame sleepy dorf and I had to call it a night – damn I feel like I am getting old :p 

So with a good nights sleep last night I reckon I shall be rearing and ready to go for some more fun tonight.    What shall we get up to?   An instance on the big kids,  maybe running a RoK instance or finishing some quests for my Pally girl,  or getting my provisioner girlie started on grinding her Danak Faction – Oh the choices!!

What ever we are all up to – happy hunting and crafting folks.

*EDIT* After Stargraces hint and a little research, I found that Kasul over at Shatteredblog has an amazing rundown on the FarSeas Faction recipes.