Monday morning rolls around again L  but as always another fun weekend to report.


Friday night was a bit of a blur to be honest.   I cant even remember if we did an instance run on the big kids :p  but I do remember doing some crafting on my woodworker girlie for a wee bit.


Saturday afternoon was once again ALL about the Pally girl.    Did a bunch more questing on her so now I have finished the Danak Shipyard Faction quests, and just have the last couple of quests in the Skleros and Selnok lines – the ones up in Skyfire.


Saturday night saw us take a trip into PoA for some quests and aa.  Nanytya had not killed some of the named in there – and had not killed one of the 2 dragons so ‘twas a little fun.  After the brief foray, we grabbed another couple of guildies and went DEEP down into SoS.  We mentored Amaijunan (72 zerker) so that greened things up to us.  What ensued was nothing short of sheer carnage and a complete and utter free for all.  We absolutely decimated the place room at a time.   I struggled a lot with Agro on the healers with that many mobs at once…. But no one died so all good.   A little xp and aa to add to the mix so much more the better!!


I did log off Saturday night feeling a little bit sad.  I was recalling some nights right down the bottom there in SoS getting Claymore updates for Killy.   We were camping one of the named (before placeholders gave updates) and I remember having one of the most wonderful relaxed evenings chatting and laughing with 2 of my guildmates,  Sadly one of them passed away about 6 months ago, so there was a mixture of sadness and fond memories – RIP Jess.


Sunday night then saw me hook up with the boys, and we decided on a trip to OoA for the daily double.   This was Killys first time there – nice short instance, 2 shards and there you go!!,   The last named did drop a very nice looking shield *sheepishly hopes it is not the shield that another in our blogging community is after*. 



After that was a run through the Crucible.   Relden is hoping for a pretty charm to drop from the last named, so I imagine we might end up running it a few times.  We wiped once to the last named, but got him second pull.   Another 2 shards and there you have it!


So we had a mixture of some old world zones, and some new places that we visited.  The end of the weekend then saw the state of affairs as such:

1) Nanytya is now 78 Pally with 125aa (well on her way towards 79 Pally),

2) Killy now proudly has 155 aa and 12 shards towards her next upgraded pieces.


Happy hunting and crafting as always folks!