Last night I logged Killy on with no particular plan in mind.  The guild was quiet and pretty much everyone else was already grouped up and heading to Necrotic Assylum.

I got a poke from my fury friend Vadel from Revelry and Honour.  He had a part cleared RE2 and was offering it to us if we wanted to do a cloak run.  

Pretty soon the boys were all logged in, and we decided on a plan.  We would indeed go and run RE2 and then see how we felt.

As usual Arisha tanked us on a nice comfortable flawless run.   *le sigh* I can not tell you the number of times we have run RE2 and have come away dissapointed with the lewtz.   We took down the Epic at the end too … and he dropped a stupid legendary 😦

So it wasnt too late and we decided on a quick Deep Forge run.  Easy shards and working towards one of the new HQ’s.   I recall it did happen to us once before …. but the named in the room with the hammers put a VERY VERY nasty uncurable elemental DoT on us.  I think we have theorised that happens if the hammers stay up too long.  Unfortunately, Dano’s coercer and Topos Briggand both died to the DoT but that was the only deaths we had.

By that time then the group started to disband and I jumped across to my new dirge for a very short while before sleepyness overtook me too.

I have been thinking about something a lil bit the last few days and thaught I might just try and make sense by writing it down here.

Killy is an officer in the guild.   Most of the boys are also officers in the guild.   We have been grouping together since before Killy or any of the boys were officers.    Someone made a comment to me recently that it does not look good that the officers appear to always run together and not include other people.   I didn’t think it was a criticism leveled directly at me so I was not upset, but I have been mulling it over.

I genuinely would never want Killy and the boys to become a clique in the negative sense.   It just seems that we are logged on at the same time, the mix of characters and personalities works really well,  and we have a similar philosophy on what we want from the game.   We never seek to exclude anyone, always help others when they ask, actively seek to help others, and ask in guild if anyone would like to join us at every possible opportunity.

On a very personal level, the boys have made me laugh and kept me sane through some very unpleasant time in real life even though they didnt really know it :p ;  so maybe I am too protective of our little circle or maybe it is just a genuine close knit group of “friends”. 

I guess that as long as I keep vigilant and aware of the possibility, then we might avoid becoming that clique in a negative sense.   Never forgetting that behind each Avatar is a real person.   It is something I have tried to keep in mind and often recall this post from Kendricke.

So once again – happy hunting and crafting to all!!