Ok – hardly an imaginative title for my entry today – but last night really was terrific fun.

As I dozed and daydreamed on the train on the way home, I decided that we would either go to Crucible or Veskar 2 on the big kids.   The Codexicon and Garudon both drop items that various members of the group are after, and we know we can get these zones done without too much drama.  

So I logged on and started pulling the group together.   Given that the Daily Double zone was the Emperors lab in Fens and it was only a single, we had no problem in leaving that one go past us.   So we decided on the Crucible.

Along with my trusty boys (Arisha, Relden and Topo), we were joined by 2 other guildmates – a ranger and wizzard.   The zone went by with very few issues.   Both the Ranger and Wizzie died to AoE’s on the last named …. but other than that no drama.    The Codexicon dropped a very nice chain BP for our ranger.

It was getting too late to start a new instance by that stage so we mulled around for a wee bit.   Arisha mentioned that there actually was a piece that he would still like for his Pally girl from Anathema so that sorta gives us a few zones to rotate between for a chance to get our kids some new pretties.

After the rest of the group disbanded, there was just Arisha and I left.  We got to talking about getting our kids to 200 aa, and how we wished there was someone in the guild with a second account or an alt around about 55-60 that we could mentor.

At this point I mentioned that I now had a second account to try boxing (which I have done for like 30 mins and did not really enjoy lol).   Immediately, we got excited about the idea of leveling a girl on my second account to a stage where we could mentor for nice aa.

And all of a sudden I found myself rolling up a dirge on my second account.  Originally there was the concept of a Froglog bard- but ACK I was getting motion sickness with the jumping lol so I deleted her.   I came AWFULLY close to making a Gnome, but have now settled on an Iksar Dirge called Katyya.

Arisha logged in his lil ratty Dirge and we talked secret bard business for a short while.    I adore playing Killy and have really enjoyed my recent adventures on Nanytya.   If we level my own lil dirge, then I shall have my very own buff bott – and maybe I can get into the 2 boxing thing.

Arisha suggested that Killy could go on AF, so she still gets all the aa for kills and being mentored – but I could concentrate on playing a scout too.   Oh what fun!!   He suggested that we can level this girl quickly – not even worrying too much about her gear and aa.    He has pretty much leveled 2 toons to 80 in the time I have been leveling Nanytya – he has a unique skill for knowing how to get the best out of his girls and boys.  He is definitely a bit of a freak that way – and I mean that in the most loving way /hugz hun :p

So after about half an hour or so of play time, my little liiizard is a level 9 Dirge.   Let me just say that I am looking forward to developing my strategy for how to solo different types of mobs, and using my stealth/rear/flanking attacks and debuffs.     I am sure that there a multitude of views on how this is done.   At this stage I see it as key to only be fighting one mob at a time, and we will see how the strats change as she levels. 

I can see that solo play and group play will be like chalk and cheese with this class, as they are with all classes I guess.   I am a bit worried about my dexterity in controlling the keyboard and perhaps changing targets as needed – but I am assured that Dirges dont really have too many positional attacks, and that it is their buffs and debuffs that are key part of the class.   So we shall see how we go, and I hope I dont end up feeling like butter spread over too much bread lol.     My poor little tradeskillers :p

Well – enough of my sillyness for today.   Happy hunting and crafting folks.