Well …. OK the day has finally arrived and I am gonna say it.   Apart from the fact I was with the gang – I absolutely hated last night.  It felt like having teeth extracted without pain relief it really did.

With the very noblest of intentions, I thaught we would take one of our guildmates Amaijunan to either Shard of Fear or Unrest.  We settled on Shard of Fear.

I thaught I would bring Nanytya.   Topo came on his Brig, Dano braught Relden, Arisha braught his dirge Skittish, and we had Sytiva (SK) and Amaijunan on her Zerker to round up the group.

Well …. I think we only wiped once and I dont think we had too many deaths other than that…. but the hour or so that followed was just awful.  I absolutely and completely suck at tanking.  

No matter how careful I tried to be, it seemed as though I constantly got adds.  I was so panick stricken about not getting us all killed that I did the most terrible job of actually leading the group.   Mob positioning was awful as was aggro controll 😦  If I had Amends on Topo then Sytiva took aggro and vice versa.  

*sigh* No matter how much I would like to, I just dont think I will ever make a tank for leading instances.   This is a shame because I really do enjoy Nanytya, and it seems such a waste to have gone to the effort of pretty much getting her to max lvl only to be so frustrated in playing her.

Anyhow, last night did see my girl closer to 79 Pally and with an additional 2 aa points.  I was ever so happy because Amaijunan dinged 74 Zerker and got 2 aa points herself, not to mention the rest of the group also got some nice aa.

The boys were so sweet putting up with how terrible I was …. and they did make me feel a little better by pointing out that it is just practice, we all have nights like that, we didnt die a lot, and it was a good learning process.

After the group disbanded, I did jump across to my little baby dirge girl and finish up a few quests in Darklight Woods.   Katyya is now a level 14 Dirge with 5 aa points, bless the cute little lizard.  

At these low levels it is nice trying a few different strategies for soloing mobs.   I even discovered if I pulled a mob using my slow spell, I could still sometimes go into stealth and use my from stealth attack.  I do have a feeling that wont last in the higher levels.   I also love using cheap shot to stun the mob then step through it and use my rear attack *grins* 

I did manage to loot a couple of dirge adepts too… always handy to upgrade some spells.   With the rate that she is likely to level at this point , I am not going to get excited and make her mastercrafted gear or Adept 3 for any spells.  Quest rewards will do for now I think.

Killy has never killed the named in Crushbone Keep or gone into the instance – so there will be some aa coming up soon for her as she mentors Katyya.  Almost time for Fallen Gates and Wailing Caves, where Killy has also not killed named. 

So it is Friday morning for me – and I am very much looking forward to the weekend.  I have a lot of Family fun in store, but am sure that there will still be plenty of adventures in Norrath for my girls.

Have a great weekend and happy hunting and crafting all.