After my grumpy post on Friday,  I am pleased to report a return to our regularly scheduled fun was has over the weekend.

Friday night saw Killy and the boys take a run to the Halls of the Forsaken.   This was my first time there and I really didnt mind the zone at all.   In fact, I think it was much more enjoyable than Caverns of the Afflicted with its constantly respawning waves of mobs.    Danonia and Topo had already been there so knew what to expect.   Danonia was on his Coercer taking care of crowd controll while Arisha smacked the bad guys, so the mob making factories were short work for us :p   Happy days and ding 158aa for Killy.

When I logged in Saturday night, guild was quiet and some folks were already off away in instances.    I thaught I would push ahead on Nanytya to try and persevere after the fun and games in SoF.   As I got going, some of the boys logged in, and so did Amaijunan.    Amai has only been playing a few months, and this is her first toon.   I remember how excited I was to get Kilanna to max level, and am glad to be able to help her.

We formed up a group, and she said she would much prefer  to just come along for the xp and aa rather than tank  … so we took her to Chelsith.   Danonia actually came on his Troubie the very cute little Velet, Topo came on his Brig, we had a Blackwolf on his Mystic and a Templar for heals, as well as Amai on her Zerker and my Pally girl.   

Well of course we died a little and it was much slower going than if a more experienced tank was leading, but I enjoyed it much more than SoF.   Although I have been there plenty of times on Killy, it was like a new zone to me when I was tanking.   We killed our sentinels and defenders for Leviacide quest, headed out to hand that in, headed back in and killed the levithans …. Got our water breathing charm and DING 79 Pally for Nanytya.    I was absolutely thrilled that Amai also dinged 2 aa and the whole gang got some nice xp /aa for our trip.

Sunday then was a lovely mixed afternoon/evening.    I tried to take Nanytya up to skyfire to finish her quests for her port hammer but got frustrated with dying again.   Instead I did some tradeskilling on the Provisioner and got her to 74…. and a little bit of fun on the little lizzie dirge together with some transmuting skill ups on Nanytya to round out the evening.

As I have always maintained even from my very first blog post, the biggest appeal of my beloved MMO’s is community and the relationships we develop.  So it was absolutely lovely to have some time chatting with Kasul on Sunday (well his Saturday night I guess )  *waves*  Always wonderful to “meet” new people and share thaughts and experiences.

So as always, happy hunting and crafting everyone!!