Last night was completely fun as always. 

We have had a number of new people join the guild lately, and a number of other members return to the game more regularly.    Our guild leader has been asking for guild feedback on raids for the coming year, and I was also thinking about some other things we could all get up to as a guild.

First of all, there are a number of folks who are keen on Tradeskill instances – so I thaught I might take it on myself to organise a maybe semi regular time for anyone keen to do a tradeskill instance in a group.  Even if you had 3 peoples, it would go soooo quickly.  That idea seemed to get a fairly positive reception in guild chat.

Also, I thaught about maybe having one or two nights where we know that at x time something will be going on.  Maybe that will be Shard Instances or Heroic Questlines, Dungeon crawls for named/loot/aa, or whatever.   I thaught for example that there is a whole bunch of aa in the Claymore Questline, so we could help get everyone up to Deathtoll – and Killy would get her final update too.   I thaught we could run SoD with the same idea in mind, and then we would have good purpose for MMIS raid. 

I got a few tells from people who are interested in the idea …. so it seems the idea was well recieved and was certainly worth throwing out there 🙂

As far as getting up to mischief goes,  we got a gang together and did a shard instance run to Crucible.    I think we had one death the entire instance, and Killy had a ball healing her little heart out.    The last name dropped an Exquisite chest, and *cheers* it contained a fabled healer secondary item – The Demonstration of Frigid Will – how pretty is that for Killy!!

After we finished the run we got some folks together and there was a small flurry of Tradeskill epic combines, and then I jumped across to Katyya for some more fun dirge questy goodness.   The end of the night saw her as a level 20 dirge with I think 14 aa and about 110 quests done. 

I really am enjoying solo questing on her.     End game is sooo much fun but it really is a whole lot of fun doing lower level content.   I also know it is very girlie but I have become quite enamoured with this little character.   She is very cute.  I love her facial expressions and I love how her ears stick out when she fights, and it is such a welcome change from the high level girls to just potter around a wee bitty.   I was not sure how much I would enjoy a scout class, but  I think this girl might be a keeper somehow :p

As always, happy hunting and crafting.