I did manage to log on for a short while last night, even if it was really late when I got home after a very yummy family birthday dinner.

Because it was so late, I knew the boys would be all logged out.    I thaught I would just log in little Katyya while I had a lovely cup of tea.    I dont know what it says about me, but I did sort of miss saying heya to the gang.   Not while I was out enjoying my dinner of course, only once I had eventually logged in.

I did log in the baby bardling, but very soon swapped to the Pally.   Amaijunan was on, and had not done anything at all in Kunzar Jungle at this stage.  At level 74, it would be a really good time to take her to CoA for the gear, XP and aa.  

So I took Amai and we did the first quest to give her City of Jinisk faction, the first quest to give her Outer Seb faction, got her the druid bush and quite a few of the birdie posts.   This sets her up nicely to be able to get to CoA sometime in the next few days.  She got some xp and aa between discovery and a few lucky named being up.   

I would really like to get her to 75 in the next few days so she can come and raid SoH with us next week.   Yes she will probably die a lot and she knows that ….. but it will be super to have her with us!!.   Recently we had one of our guildies on his 75 swashy join us for SoH – he still enjoyed it and didnt die too much.

I would be quite happy to run CoA, VoES, and maybe even think about hitting Maidens a couple of times with my little Pally.   I would like to get her some better gear so she could look at running some TSO zones to give Arisha a break, and maybe let him gear up his dirge or swashy.

So tonight I have planned to run an evening for guild tradeskill instance, which should be fun.   I think thre might be plenty of interest to be honest which will be cool.  Amai is eager now to get her unicorn, as every right thinking person should be :p    I am happy to work the quests on any of my tradeskill girls for faction – probably Provisioner girlie preferred at the moment since I would like to see her hit 80 soon.

Was it just me – or were there problems with guild chat post server down???

Anyhows enough of my rambling for now.   Happy hunting and crafting all 🙂