Well last night was indeed a very productive night in game and a whole lot of fun as normal.

First of all, I had been discussing and advertised getting a group or groups together for a group tradeskill instance.   There was indeed enough interest and we got together a full group.   It was not an ideal group since we had 2 provisioners and 2 Sages, but that didnt matter.   I took little Illka (my provisioner).  In just over 30 mins she had earned herself about half a tradeskill level and a token.   The chest was a nice one with a bonus token, weaponsmith piece and the recipe book for the Tier 2 shard armour.   Grats to Relden on the book and grats to Amai who is now very close to her Unicorn.

Afterwards, we got together a group for a run through Crucible for DD.  Our group consisted of Arisha (Pally) Relden (Mystic) Killy of course (Templar) Aazzadan (Necro) Brukeval (SK) and Kanni (Wizard) – all guild members.

Everything was going fine until we got to the Master ……. We got the 3 minions just fine but once we were fighting the master all I can say is ACK ACK ACK.  He reflected everything and we wiped to him twice before Kanni swapped to his Troubie.  It was still messy but we got him on the 3rd pull.

On to the Codexicon – and again we had a bit of a struggle with him, but finally got him on the third pull too.  He dropped a nice pretty for our SK if my memory serves – a Helm.

Killy healed upward of 2.6 million hit points zonewide, so it ws a very heavy healing zone.  Moral to the story – best not to take 2 casters into Crucible which is kind of not fun when you just wanna hang out with your guildies no matter what class they are.

Afterwards then I jumped across to the baby bardling and had some more questy goodness.  Katyya now finds herself as  level 24 Dirge with 17aa.  Not bad for the little girl.   She has now pretty much finished all the quests in Timorous Deep and quite a lot of the quests in Darklight.  I will keep following those questlines along and head to BB and Commonlands. 

It is an amazing difference leveling this character as opposed to leveling Killy.   I found this to a certain extent with Nanytya too, but I am only doing quests not grinding mobs and still quests are going to be turning grey before I can get to them at this point.    Given that grey quests are now giving aa and xp, that does not really matter.  I am just really enjoying pottering around playing her when things are quiet.  I have certainly connected with this little girl, and just hope she continues to be as enjoyable to play when she gets to higher levels.

So enough of my ramblings for today …. Happy hunting and crafting folks.