As I headed home from work last night, I was daydreaming as usual and thinking a little more about guild business, the boys, and what I wanted to do with Killy, Nanytya & the baby bardling.   I was quite tired when I got home, so really was not in the right frame of mind for tackling CoA on Nanytya.   When I logged in, it turned out that Scion of Ice was the DD – very nice.

So, we got the usual gang together, and headed for the Scion.    Danonia came on his Coercer girl rather than Relden ( mystic), so Killy found her self solo healing.    I was honestly a bit worried about healing Arisha through the twin sphinx, but as it turns out it was not a problem.  I did however use a few choice expletives at Miragul.  Killy got knocked back, snared, and then his AoE one shot her 😦     We still killed him on the first pull though,  so *blows raspberry*

It was still early enough that we felt like tackling another easy zone so off to deep forge.  Again I was a wee bit nervous about solo healing Arisha through the last named,  and as it turns out he was not so much of a problem either.   I did however use a few choice expletives at the named in the room with the hammers.   Twice we ended up with that incurable elemental DoT that wiped the group. Third time lucky.  6 Shards for the night.

One thing I have planned for ingame, is to finish off decorating Killys Manor House in South Qeynos.  So once we finished in Deep Forge  I went visiting a couple of homes for some ideas and inspiration.   I really never cease to be amazed at the imagination and effort some folks have spent in that regard.   Armed with some new ideas, I think Killys home might get some attention this weekend.

This kind of flows on to the rest of my post – well at least in my mind anyway    This is my blog and so I can be very self indulgent :p

My MMO is more than just a game to me.  

There I said it!  However, My game and my avatar are not my whole existance nor do they define who I am.   Each of us has a passion – reading, writing, music, movies, a hobby or interest of some description.   For me it is my MMO  and finally I dont feel like I have to be ashamed of that.  Yup – I am a computer nerd, and proud of it.

In a persistant virtual world I have made Killy a home, built friendships of a form with a bunch of people (the guild), and have develoved closer relationships with some of the most wonderful people (/hugz the boys again :D).   Some of these friendships have even stepped out of the virtual and into the real world for better or worse.

I have my trusted group of friends, and we have a whole bunch of shared memories and experiences.   My life has been changed and enritched by these experiences and friendships, and I hope it will continue for a long time to come.   After a whole lot of contemplation and reflection I no longer feel the need to apologise for how I spend my spare time, nor the bonds I have forged with others with the same interest.