Well another weekend of fun and games in Norrath was had.

Friday night was a lovely quiet evening. Some of the boys were not logged in, and I was a little sleepy so wasn’t sure what I felt like doing. Eventually, we settled on taking Amaijunan to CoA. After putting a guild group together, Sytiva tanked us through double time. Killy healed and it was SUCH a hoot. I do still want to take Nanytya through there, but that trip was for Amai. And I was absolutely thrilled because *DING* she is now 75 Zerker and is able to join us on our SoH raid.

Saturday night was also an absolute hoot. Amaijunan was logged on, and I had been mentioning to the boys that we take her to Unrest. Arisha was doing his SoD quest for xp/aa too and needed the statue in there. Nanytya had only been part way through the zone. Danonias cute little Troubie (Velet) had not been there, nor had Blackhealer. As always Topo was happy to come along for the fun and chaos – So it was off to Unrest. I was very happy because it is one of my completely favourite zones in the game. I love the story as you progress through the zone and the atmosphere.

Despite the number of times I have actually been here on Kil, it felt like a new zone with Nanytya. My girl tanked, and Arisha brought his lil Fury. Gawd bless Dirae.  I think we got through the entire zone with maybe only Velet dying once, and I don’t think it was too slow – Arisha seemed comfortable with the pace when I was talking to him after we finished.   We snuck Arisha back into the cleared zone to get his SoD statue.

We had a few little bugs as we went through the zone. Lord knows how it was that we managed to pull one of the cubes from in the lake when we were downstairs in the manor lol – but it did not detract from the fun we had. I was glad that we were all at higher levels, because I remember how unforgiving that zone was at level 70.

After finishing the zone, we were keen to try the Bugaboo. Bad tank I was in Offensive stance, on the first pull – and we all went splat. Second pull though, and we were off and racing, and the Bugaboo went down *cheers* I was pretty happy with that. Thanks again to the boys (especially Arisha, Dano and Topo) for their encouragement and help – as well as their willingness to be guinea pigs :p

Sunday was a very mixed day in game and I loved it too. While I was chatting with a friend about some very exciting things happening for her, I had a little time on Katyya. Finished off all of Timorous Deep and Darklight woods – now she has moved into Butcherblock.

I decided to drop in on Castillion, Sinnir and the folks from Second String on Mistmoore server. I made up a little Coercer, and pottered about while chatting a little with the gang, but I just could not get into the chanter, I rerolled her as a wizard and that was a bit more fun. Sinnir and I talked healer goodness for a wee while which was a whole lot of fun too.

Once the boys logged in for the evening, we assembled the troops and headed to Crucible. Arisha tanked us on a pretty much flawless run. The Codexicon dropped the healer charm, but unfortunately Killy lost the roll to the Mystic who had joined us – no matter though – always next time.

After we finished Crucible and the group disbanded, I swapped to Nanytya. She had finished the Bone Clasped Girdle HQ earlier in the day, but I was keen to forge on with getting her to 80. I headed into KJ , but soon moved to Skyfire when Sytiva offered to come and help. We were absolutely decimating the mobs thanks to Syt’s DPS awesomeness. Nanytya now has her JW Port hammer, and has less than 20% until she dings level 80 😀

Killy didn’t get much love, but the end of the weekends festivities saw the situation as such :

Nanytya: 79 Palladin 130aa

Katyya: 27 Dirge 21aa

Tonight will see us resuming raids and heading into SoH, so expect more tales tomorrow. As always Happy hunting and crafting!