Well as I mentioned yesterday, last night saw the resumption of raiding for 2009.  

I was logged in about 40 mins before raid.  Dan pretty soon started pulling raid together and it was nice to chatter a wee bitty with folk while that happened. 

All in all last night went nice and smooth.  Healing felt very controlled, and I was happy with how it all felt.    It was super gratifying that most of the raid was guildies – and comparitively few from out of guild.

The Dreadlord went down without a sweat really – and grats to one of the Pax clan for her new pretty Armlets of Misgivings (*sigh* no gloves for me :p)

Demetrious also went down in a blink – dropping the pretty Zerker/Guard buckler for Amai on her first raid *cheers* well done girlie!!

Then on to Master P’Tsa (hrms hope my spelling isnt too bad).   Not quite as tidy,  but still smooshed first pull without any raise in blood pressure.   He dropped a beautiful Dirge earring and the Diamond Rod.

At that point, we were short of the appropriate tank classes to try the sisters but 2 members of the raid kindly offered to swap, and so we headed to give them a try. 

I just dont know what it is that we need to do in order to get these nasty girls down.  Today we tried having the MT and raid burning Malevolance down as quick as we could while MA just tried to hold Ire.  Every time though, Ires script seemed to start, then with both of them running around it was virtually impossible to keep the fight under controll.  

We have tried several strats, including having the MT hold Ire while the entire rest of the raid burns Malevolance.  That did not seem to work either.   Really we didnt break a sweat with the other 3 named that we conquered.  These nasty ladies are well within our capabilities I know it – if only we could get that strat!!!

Tonight will see us heading to PR.  This will give one of our guildies a mythical update, hopefully some new forearms for Arisha, and just give us a nice warm up for our first week back at raiding.  Next week will see us leave PR and maybe Pawbuster/Thuuga or Kor’Sha.  

As always happy hunting and crafting all!!