As previously mentioned, last night saw us head to Protectors Realm.  We thaught it would just be nice to have a little warm up on our first week back, get a mythical update for our guild warden, and hope that the plate forearms dropped for Arisha.

I have nothing much to say about the raid really.  Every pull went like clockwork,  every mob was burned, a couple of guildies got some pretties, the guild got a few masters to sell for guild funds, and I would say we are now all officially warmed up and ready to face new challenges next week :p

After raid I logged off, but had a little trouble getting off to sleep.  I logged back in for a short while on Nanytya and did some of the dwarf repeatables in JW and guess what guess what?

DING!!!  80 Palladin for my girl *cheers*

So truth is now if I am going to be serious about tanking with her, then I need to clear some of the crap out of her backpacks and get her some better gear.   Doesnt need to be anything special, but I really do need better Avoid and Mit if I want to tank instances.  

I have really neglected this girl in comparison to Kil – but I guess that is the way of things with an Alt.  They are not going to get that focus and attention to detail.   I was pretty happy though, now I have 2 girls at 80/80.

So what is next???   Keep on keeping on with Killy – start focusing on her AA.   For Nanytya it will be looking at getting her some gear upgrades.   And keep on enjoying my fun and games on the bardling.

As always – happy hunting and crafting everyone 🙂