Last night was just a VERY low key night in game after our two nights of raiding.  Now that my pally girl has newly dinged 80 *cheers* I took her for a spin last night :p

I got a group together and we took a run through VoES which was nice.   Thank the lord I had Arisha on his bard guiding – it was really great fun.   Nothing of great significance dropped….. And I love the room with the sort of ring event with the Golems.    Hated healing it  in the mid 70’s but it was a heck of a lot of fun tanking it.

Then we took a wee run down to Sebilis.  As we arrived to zone in, the ring event was up YAY!!   A quick tank and burn, and the Gatekeeper was smooshed.   We zoned in, finished off some quests and killed some named – and DING 132aa for my little girl.

With time and practice I hope I become more confident and less awkward.  With experience I guess comes knowledge of the zones

I then spent some time doing something I have not done in EVER such a long time.   I tried to clear some crap out of Nanytyas backpacks and get some sort of order to the girls bank slots.   So that little bit of housekeeping done, I was ever such a sleepy dwarf and headed out of Norrath for the night.  

Not much else to report really – so happy hunting and crafting as always everyone.