I was having my usual daydream on the train on the way home last night, and for some reason I just started to feel like a trip to Veskar 2.

When I got home I logged Killy on – *cheers* it so happens that was the DD.   So we got together the regular boys and picked up a couple of guildies – and ended up with 3 tanks in the group.   We decided that it would not be a good idea to try Veskar with this group make up, so instead we went to Anathema and Deep forge.   

Nothing much to report, and no loot of particular note.   I solo healed and everything pretty much went like clockwork, including the Doomsmith with his nasty uncurable Elemental DoT in Deep Forge.

After we finished that, the group disbanded and the New Zealand boys headed out of Norrath for the night.  It was still quite earlyish for me – And there was some talk of CoA.   So very quickly I swapped to the Pally and got a guild group together, and we headed in.  

Our group consisted of myself on the Pally, Amai on her Zerker, Topo on his Brig, Blackwolf on his ranger, and a bruiser (who is new to the guild – welcome *waves*) and warden.    Well it was actually a really good experience and I enjoyed it a whole lot.   Unfortunately, our Bruiser was letting loose with some incredibly high dps … and even though I had Amends on him, agro control was not quite as smooth as I would have liked.

We moved through the zone steadily, smooshed everything in our path, didnt have a single death the whole instance – and so I pretty much give it a thumbs up for success there.    Not to mention it is just that little bit more experience and learning with tanking, which is just very cool fun.

The last named dropped Caroitidcutter *drools for my little dirge*, Nanytya got her Ravaged Onslaught forearms, and our Bruiser got a Master.  I know that there have been people who have farmed Agony for that Carotidcutter, so it was such a shame it was only greed loot for our group.

It came to my attention that I had been TOTALLY slack and not upgraded a few of my girls spells to Ad3 yet, so once we finished Agony I popped on to Selara and now Pally girl is fully kitted with her spells.  One of the spells was Holy Ground so that is going to make no end of difference for agro – basically being able to put yourself to the top of the hate list once every minute and a bit is quite handy indeedy 🙂

We have collected the DD for Veskar 2 … So I do hope we will try and put a group together and head up their tonight.    I would really love to bring Killy if you can wait for me to log in boys  😀

Anyhows…. enough ramblings for me today.   Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend of hunting and crafting in Norrath.


There seems to be a little talk on various blogs and forums about a new loot flag called Heirloom.   Although still under development, potentially items with this flag will be able to be traded only between characters on the same account via the shared bank.   Talk seems to be centred on Void Shards in particular.

I am very excited at the prospect of being able to share lewtz between my various girls. It is super because I am part of a good regular group with people I trust not to be greedy.  Imagine if something drops Arisha does not need but flagged heirloom – I could potentially throw my hat in the ring for Nanytya and vice versa. 

Once I take the little Crusader through zones for the aa … it will be nice to go back to my beloved Killy – and yet still be contributing to Nanytyas developement so she can tank for the group sometimes. After all I am still putting in the effort of doing the zones on one of the girls – It is not like anyone will be getting something for nothing this way.

BUT …. for those who usually do a lot of PuG’s, then this would essentially mean you are competing with not only the 5 others in the group for Lewtz with this flag, but also all of their alts. I wonder how significantly that would reduce the impetus of people to group with folk they dont know?   I wonder how different this is really to people swapping out to their alts anyway (as happens now) – this may in fact just be making things a little easier in practice.

Overall though I am feeling very positive about this idea, and think  it will be GREAT if implemented with care.