This past weekend was a holiday weekend here in Australia to celebrate the foundation of our country.   26 January 1788, Captain James Cook landed in Botany bay – not far from where the Sydney International Airpurt now stands.   What better way to celebrate a holiday weekend than some good food, time with family and friends, and lots of EQ goodness *grins*

Well this weekend – the official winner was certainly little Kilanna.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights saw us running shart quests through a mix of Scion of Ice, Anathema, Deep Forge and the Crucible.   No real loots of excitement dropped, but shards shards shards and my little girl now has 5 pieces of her righteous Mithril armour.   It was also exciting since Amai got enough shards to get her girls first piece of shard armour and she isnt even ready to wear it yet.     Sunday also included a very fast and incredibly chaotic run throught Deathtoll – Tarinax died and Killys Claymore is updated – now just a quick trip in HoF which I frankly could not be bothered doing on my own….

Monday was the most AWESOME day in game… and just oodles and oodles of fun.

Firstly, my little girl went for a pick up Pawbuster raid and *cheers* the bad boy went down on the second pull.   Kilanna and Relden healed themselves very proud indeed, and grats on your mythical update Relden!!   Having now seen how it was successfully done, that certainly is a good thing for us when we attempt this as a guild very soon.   This also saw my final update to the fates of Norrath quest, so just need to go talk to the NPC and move that right along :p

After that I went on a run through Deep Forge and  Evernight Abbey where my little girl proudly solo healed – including the nasty nasty python girl *grrrr*   We died a couple of time for sure – but we still did it, and I could not have been more pleased.

Then after a bit of a break, we had our regularly scheduled fun in SoH (OMG 2 raid zones in one day!).   I just have two words – WOW!!! and YAY!!!

The wow moment came when we had dispatched with the Dreadlord.   After the number of times we have smooshed him and I had hoped in vain, Arisha popped the chest to show Etheral Mist Gauntlets.  At this point Danonia had to remind me to breathe :p   and within a few short  moments my little girl proudly had her new pretty gloves on.    Thanks a bunch to the very very sweet hotfudge who declined because she knew I had been looking for those gloves for a long while from our pick up raids.

That excitement passed, Demetrious and Master P were also smooshed and then we moved on to the sisters for our complete YAY moment.   After maybe 4 or 5 attempts, we rallied the troops for one last try for the night.    Some folks who had successfully conquered this fight offered us some fine advice, and swapped toons to aid the cause.   We split our healers between the nasty girls, and started the fight.    It certainly was not the prettiest fight we had ever done …. but some 6 Minutes and 43 Seconds later we danced on their deader than dead corpses!  (I really can be quite a sensitive, empathetic and compassionate person in real life you know :D)  

I am sure that in the coming couple of weeks we will still struggle with this fight, but the hoodoo is broken and we have finally gotten them down.   I am sure we will refine the strat , and then this fight will soon start to feel as comfortable as the other named that we can now take without breaking a sweat.   I knew last week that we had it in us!!

Tonight sees us head off to raid again….. I think it will be KorSha to start working toward the Overking for some mythical updates, including my own, but not quite 100% sure.

So – an adventure weary little dwarf finishes her long weekend a very happy little girl.    Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!!