I logged Killy in last night when I got home ready to raid.   Almost as soon as I got on there was chatter in the guild and we decided to default to PR for raid.    Apparently there was quite a bit of interest on the server for a PR raid, so we quickly filled it.  

Nothing too much to report – Topo played his Warden so we were minus our brigand.   I noted that it really made a difference not having his traumatic swipe for the AoEs, and so healing felt just that little bit more pushed.   There was a lot of plate healer lovin happening in loot drops, but Kil already had all the pieces and there were no other plate healers – so we had some pieces muted 😦 

We cleared the zone and I dont remember any wipes, but it certainly was not the neatest trip through there we have ever had. 

After that, we very quickly helped a guildie with some updates for his Epic, and there was a trip through Anathema.

Now here is another observation…. I have solo healed a couple of different tanks through Anathema, both of them experienced and with good gear.  One is our raid MT (Pally) and the other our raid MA (SK).   I know that group makeup is quite important, but it is incredible just how different it feels to heal different class tanks of the same calibre. 

I have not gone back and looked at ACT for when I solo healed Arisha, but last night I healed almost 3 million hit points health zonewide (almost 1000 heals/sec).  I was seeing health spiking in a way that I am not used to seeing with Arisha.  Certainly kept me on my toes and pushed me, but I love a challenge, and I was proud and surprised to see what sort of damage my girl really can heal!!  

Not really sure what tonight holds, but might look at a nice quiet night with the gang and progress some of the guild on their SoD in preparation for a MMIS raid I think.   No matter what we do I am sure we shall have some fun as usual. 

Happy hunting and crafting everyone.