Last night was a lovely sedate night in game which was nice.  After a busy weekend and raids I was looking forward to something a little quieter.

By the time I was settled down to play, most people had already headed off to various instance groups.    Arisha and Danonia settled in for a little play time too – and I suggested a trip to Castle Mistmoore for SoD updates prior to MMIS raid.   So the three of us headed out and what followed was an absolute blast. 

We moved steadily through the castle and smooshed EVERYTHING in our path without breaking a sweat.   *giggles* A couple of times we pulled 2 groups of mobs and I actually had to heal!!

Oh and we are soooo bad ass – we three manned the Epic together with I think only one other group of mobs :p  BIG shame he only dropped treasured 😦

End result- Arisha and I both got updates, we both dinged aa and progressed our quests nicely.

Arisha and Dano then logged out of Norrath for the night leaving me to do a little more decorating in Killys house.     It is coming along and I think I will finish it tonight.  

I have said it before, that it constantly amazes me the amount of effort and imagination some people display in decorating their in game homes and guild halls.  Danonia did an AMAZING job with one wing of our guild hall – cant wait to see what he does with the other!!

 I certainly dont think Killys house is a masterpiece but I am proud of it, and might even put up some screenshots in the coming days.

Hope everyone is having a good week  in Norrath.   Happy hunting and crafting!