Last night Arisha and I decided we felt like pushing on and getting the last updates in CMM for the Swords of Destiny line.    So after mulling about a wee bitty, Danonia joined us and we headed again for pretty much a similar trip to the previous night.

Nothing much to report or say…… it was just a little bit of fun really.  We moved around, got some more aa, got our updates all finished and that was that.  

I spoke to the NPC back on the Island in Butcherblock, and Killy right now is parked outside the throne room of New Tunaria.  She just has to speak to a couple of NPC’s tonight in the instance and the Lucanic Hammer shall be hers!!.   I know it isnt that great an achievement now … but the aa has not been too bad!

After Arisha and Danonia logged for the evening, I did some more decorating on Kils manor house and a wee bitty of tradeskilling to ding my little provisioner girl while chatting with guildies.   Some areas I am very fond of, and others are just so so.   Over the weekend I might do a post with some screen shots if I feel the inspiration.

Next on the agenda I think is getting my Claymore finally finished.   I have been putting off getting those updates in HoF by myself, but last night Arisha happily offered to run me through sometime over the weekend hoooooooray! 

So what are the plans for the weekend?   Well apart from my final Claymore and SoD updates, I am guessing there will be some shard runs (REALLY would love to go Veskar 2).  I think I am done with decorating Killys house for now too, so maybe a little more fun with my dirge may be in order. 

Some more news seems to be coming through about the new Heirloom loot tag, and apparently some faction items will also be tagged so they can be swapped between alts.  Darn it I hope they do that with the updates for the Tradeskill epic.  I have an 80 Carpenter and Weaponsmith … but am yet to find anyone to get those updates for Killy *giggles*

Wishing everyone a weekend full of happy hunting and crafting!!!