You learn something new every day. Thursday, Feb 26 2009 

Last night saw the first of the guild activities I have arranged over the next month.   I had arranged to get a group together for a Tradeskill instance.  I logged in and got settled, and picked up the folk that had signed up.

I was not surprised that once again it was the usual suspects who joined me.  Blackwolf on his healer (Alchemist), Amai (Provisioner), Danonia on his healer (Sage), Arisha (woodworker) and myself (jeweler).   We had a good mix of tradeskill classes. 

Each of us took the item specific for our class this left 4 items – and we split them up between us.   I have done a lot of tradeskilling, but chattering while we were crafting last night – Arisha was telling me how he uses his reaction arts, so I tried his technique.   I used a different combination of duribility and progression buttons to normal, and I really think it has made a difference.   I told you that he amazes me sometimes *giggles* – but you learn something new every day!

Took us a little over half an hour – and we were done and dusted.  We each had a token, and it was a VERY pretty exquisite chest.   There was Book IV – the Tier 2 Shard armour.  and *cheers* Killy won the roll so she now has all the books.  There was also a sage item and the rolling pin – which I declined on after winning the book.

After the TS instance, we picked up guild leader on his dirge and headed into Deep Forge for the daily double.  The zone went reasonably well except for me having a couple of blonde moments… and it all went smoothly until we hit the last named.  First time we pulled him was very messy …  Amai got ported into the lava and we were helping her find her way out … we got distracted and the AoE hurt us pretty bad.  Second pull went like clockwork though, and we all had 4 shards.

That four shards was enough for Killy to make Amai her 5th piece of shard armour, so her Zerker girl is certainly getting there!

Tonight I had planned to run adventure groups for the guild – but at late notice I have a work function tonight.   Fortunately one of the other guild officers is going to take care of it for me this time.

So what will the weekend hold?   I guess a little more on the baby bard, and I REALLY want to hit one of the TSO zones I have not done with the boys yet – perhaps one of the Guk zones.  I seem to have lost momentum on my last couple of crafter girls too – so maybe getting back into leveling them a little.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend


Ask… and you shall have! Thursday, Feb 26 2009 

I was looking forward to a relaxing evening in game last night with the boys, and the boys came through!!  It was just as simple as ask… and you shall have 🙂

We hooked up and chatted a little while we decided what we wanted to get up to.  Eventually – we decided on RE2 in the vain hope that someone might be lucky enough to get one of the fabled cloaks.   

So I poured myself a glass of champagne, and we kicked back and hit the zone.  

I have to tell you that glass of champagne was not a bucket, but just a regular champagne glass.   However, the bubbles went strait to my head and it was actually a lot of fun healing when feeling a little merry 😀

There were giggles a plenty from me anyhow, as I noted my appreciation for the rainbow of colours in Arishas health bar, and Topo warned me that if he starts drinking champagne all the time it will be my fault :p

Seriously though, Killy healed the boys through an almost flawless zone, including the Epic.   *Le sigh* as per usual the loot was EXTREMELY dissapointing – *pouts* How come everyone else can get their fabled cloaks and we cant!  The darn Epic even only dropped ornate for us – where was my exquisite!!

The rest of my evening then comprised of chatting with some guildmates and my crafters helping with some gear upgrades, and a very quick run where we absolutely smashed Anathema.

I am looking forward to tonight.   I have scheduled some guild activities over the coming weeks, and tonight will be a group tradeskill instance.  Tomorrow night will be an evening where I have scheduled that groups will commence at 7.30 local time for anyone who is interested.  So far I have almost a full group signed up for the Tradeskill instance.

I have been thinking about it for a while.  I know there are people in guild who are becoming frustrated that when they log in there are no groups for them.   I decided that once a week for the next month I will schedule a night where everyone knows groups start at x time, and so they know when to log in if they want a group.   I have not proposed a schedule of where we will go, just for everyone to meet in the guild hall 10 mins before and we can see what people want to do.   Now that Amai is 80 she is working toward her epic for example.   

I will see if these nights are successful, and if they are worth doing on an ongoing basis.     Perhaps this is not the most appropriate forum to express my feelings but I grow tired of hearing peoples complaints, and yet not seeing them taking any initiative or action for improving their own game experience.  I want to help my guildmates to progress their characters and have fun, but I cant do it all for them.

Screenshot MEME Wednesday, Feb 25 2009 

Well … Stargrace tagged me on a meme to post the sixth screenshot of the sixth folder in my saved screenies.

I actually dont have six folders … so i will just post the sixth screenshot.

I remember this night well …. Sohan had returned to game after a long absence and was leveling his boy, Velet is the very cute Troubie alt of Danonia, Wazza looking remarkably unlike his natural Troll form, and the wings you see there belong to my little Palladin Nanytya.

I do believe that we happened to be working A fistful of mettle right there!!


Take that you nasty vampires! Wednesday, Feb 25 2009 

As promised, last night saw the guild venture into MMIS.

There were Mythical updates for some, SoD updates for others (me me me!!), as well as aa for all of us.   As a guild we have never killed Mayong, so it is another tick in the box for us!

 Although we are all level 80 and the MT group are reasonably geared for what we do, I cautioned against treating the zone with disrespect.    We struggled on one pull when the mob did a mem wipe in combination with a complete stun.  Our Shaman went down, and it took me a couple of seconds to notice I had been mem wiped.  Arisha died and I felt so awful at such a stupid newb mistake – and the rest of the raid very quickly followed.

Other than that one event, we did fine and cleared the zone with little difficulty, but darn it some of those nasty vampires and statues and golems crack out with nasty DoT’s and AoE even at level 80.   Some of those fights would have been HORRENDOUS at 70.

The fight with Mayong himself was certainly eventful lol.  Someone accidentally pulled him before we were quite ready, so it took us a couple of seconds into the fight to compose ourselves.   I am guessing that there would have been different strategies at level 70, but we just healed through his AoE’s last night.  

I have to say it was a bit scary seeing the other groups heading into the red – ouchies!! but some nice healing from our two wardens kept it together.   Although the last 15 or 20 seconds of the fight did actually see us loose quite a few people to his AoE, we had enough dps to quickly finish him off.   I remembered hearing about this before, but his equisite chest was just SENSATIONAL and would have been /drools at level 70.

After we had distributed lewtz we ran out into Loping Plains and killed the pumpkin headed horseman – another first for our guild, and thus some more aa for us *cheers*   When I saw him, there were some giggles and Sleepy Hollow flashbacks :p

That business dispatched with, I jumped across to butcherblock, talked to Lord Trodonis, and the Soulfire Hammer was mine <3.

I know that none of these achievement are particularly special now, but I love that with patience and effort we have achieved it as a guild together.   It is satisfying to see us progressing and enjoying new challenges.  

I continue to grow optimistic that as a guild we will see mythical weapons through the year.  I know that I could have paid for one of the top raid guilds to take my girl through and get her updates ….. but how much more enjoyable for me personally to work towards it and achieve it together with my guildmates.

As always I am looking forward to a lovely quiet night tonight – hopefully catching up with the boys and doing something nice and fun.  I am guessing that Ravenscale will be the new DD – I would love to give that a go!!

Happy hunting and crafting!

Not so comfortable and familiar Tuesday, Feb 24 2009 

As has become usual, Monday night saw us raiding SoH.   Train trouble saw me get home and log in with less than 20 mins to spare before raid …. and ack the raid was already fully formed!!!

I bolted up to Nek Forest as quickly as my stumpy dwarven legs could carry me – of course forgetting to mend on the way *le sigh* thank goodness for mender on the docks.

We zoned in and were off.   Because I was all a fluster at getting home late – I wasnt concentrating much on what I was doing at first … so Dan had to tell me to slow down and take a breath since I was burning all my power lol.

Last night was very interesting, since Arisha was chain pulling the trash.  I think some groups may have been having problems with their power …. but it was was a lot of fun and meant we raced through the zone!!  

Other than the lack of exquisite chests, the zone was a hoot.  We pulled and killed all the trash and named like clockwork.  We even got the sisters on the very first pull and it was a reasonably tidy encounter at that – YAY for us!!

After a lovely race through the zone, it was still early, and someone suggested that I pull my Pally out and tank a TSO zone.   *quivers* but *cheers*   We decided to run Anathema.

Sytiva (Raid MA) came on his healer, and Arisha (Raid MT) came on his swashy.   The pressure!!!! lolz.    As a healer I get healer guilt if any of the group die – and *sigh* I feel just the same as a tank.     We wiped a couple of time to trash 😦  but the boys were so sweet and said I did fine after all we did finish the zone!

Kilanna feels so comfortable and familiar to play – almost like a second skin.   On the other hand I feel awkward and out of place tanking.  When things get messy, I know exactly what to do when I am on Killy – but feel a bit like a poor bunny staring into the headlights on Nanytya.   I am almost embarrased to admit how little I have invested into researching and investigating her aa in comparison to Kilanna.

Intellectually, I absolutely know and understand that comfort and familiarity only comes with experience.   If the boys will indulge me, I think I might actually just bring Nanytya for the next little while.  I am sooo lucky to have Arisha and Sytiva who are both very experienced tanks to learn from.   I am lucky they are patient and more than happy to help – have I mentioned recently how fond I am of the boys :p.

There are days when I am in absolute awe of Arisha.   He has his pally, A swashy, a dirge, and a defiler at level 80.  No matter which of his boys or girls he plays, he always does an exceptional job.   He always seems to know how to get the best out of them.   I wish I had even a little of that talent!!!

Tonight sees us head to MMIS for a number of reasons.   The trip shall see some of our raid force with mythical updates, some people update their legendary SoD to Fabled (this includes Killy), and there will hopefully be a bunch of aa since we have not conquered the zone as a guild yet.  More news on that tomorrow!

Take care and happy hunting and crafting everyone!

A weekend in the Icy Tundra. Monday, Feb 23 2009 

As usual another amazing weekend in Norrath.

Friday night saw a quick run through Anathema for Killy for the DD.  This was very promptly followed by a very cool run through Unrest with a whole group of folks I have not spent a lot of time with online.  I have probably mentioned this before – but Unrest is my single most favourite zone in the game, both for the story line and the atmosphere.

I was on my Pally girl, and Topo braught his brig along for the run.  Mystyx braught the Conjuror, and our guild leader braught his Warlock.   Mmmmm Yummy encounter AoE goodness for Amends.   Our group was rounded out with some long time guildmates who are returning to game on a more regular basis on their Pally and Templar.   It was decided that Nanytya would tank.

We seemed to do just fine most of the zone other than the bar room.   I think that we had some trigger happy dps – combine that with the slow moving mobs and we ended up pulling the entire room – meh so we wiped once that wasnt the end of the world.  

I did at one point end up in a complete fit of giggles when we were down in the jail area near the hag. I had warned our groupmates about the knock back of the golems, and immediately on the first pull found myself FLYING through the air

After smooshing Garnel, we had a couple of attempts at the bugaboo.   We got close to killing him… but it was late and we were all tired, so we left the zone without defeating him.

Saturday saw Killy and the boys run The Crucible for the Daily Double, but it was also quite a bit about the little bard.   I had the Pally 2 box to help Katyya out, and so in short order she had updated her Operation Greenhood in Zek (so she is now ready for DFC), and also completed the Foombys HQ.   I remember the update to get Goorlux was a pain on Killy, so I was quite happy that it was only a couple of spawns of the place holder that were needed.  I was quite excited to see that Chomper was actually already up when I needed him too.   I am not sure if it is just me, but some of these HQ’s really are not as painful as they used to be.

Sunday saw a little bit more barding questy fun for Katyya.  I had decided that I would do the Far Sees Requisitions for aa, but now believe that these quest are far too much work for the relative reward.   Some of these quest require spawn camps of particular types of mobs, and then uncommon updates when you do find the mobs.  After investing a significant time in completing the quests, I then found that they did not even really reward that much aa on hand in.  However, between completing the couple of HQ’s and a number of other quests, the little dirge now finds herself level 38 with 38aa.  

The weekend was then rounded out with a trip to Scion of Ice for the DD.  I missed grouping up with the boys (HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARISHA /hugz), but we were tanked by Amaijunan on her girl who had newly dinged 80 Zerker.   Amai has not done a lot of tanking, and the mobs in these TSO zones do hit hard.   We talked her through the zone to help her know what to expect.  

I didnt think that I had absorbed much about these zones that I have been healing, but was suprised by how much I could tell Amai about what was coming up.  Given that my Palladin now has a full set of the T1 shard armour, I feel kind of encouraged to have a try at tanking the zone on her.

After a weekend of missions in the icy tundra that is Everfrost, Kilanna finds herself with another aa point *cheers*.   I really need to find the inspiration to get to doing those quests in the moors *sigh*.

So I guess that is enough rambling on for today.  Hope everyone else had just as much fun too this past weekend.  Happy hunting and crafting all!!

Bits and pieces. Friday, Feb 20 2009 

A guildmate had recently asked if some folks would not mind helping him with finishing off some HQ’s and various other heroic quests.   Of course I put my hand up.    Last night then was the assigned night – and we formed the group up pretty much as soon as I logged in.

Truth is, I have had absolutely no interest in questing on Killy what so ever.  Questing with the painful dps of a heal spec’d Templar is like root canal with no pain relief :p   I had absolutely NO idea what we were doing or where we were going, I just followed the leader.  

Our group consisted of our raid MA Sytiva (SK) Killy (Templar), Lukwut (our MT raid Shaman), Sydvicious (Dirge), Dexmez (Illus) and Castoz (Ranger)

Well we had BUCKETS of dps as you can see and plenty of heals.   We jumped across what felt like half of Norrath, but it was a bunch of fun.  Among all the bits and pieces of killing, Lukwut got his Book of Thex and Darkmail Gauntlets finished, and we did it effortlessly and with style IMHO.

Once the group disbanded, I once again attempted to box Nanytya and Katyya to get those last updates she needed for the Greenhood line prior to heading into DFC.   As if to ridicule my pleas for help yesterday, I had absolutely NO problems with the stability of my client and now Katyya only awaits the update for Sentry Goorlux before DFC – you know the guy up right close to the citadel.   I remember this guy being right painful – but here is hoping that I can get the update real quick tonight and we can maybe take little Katyya into DFC this weekend. 

At the moment Katyya is sitting on 38 dirge with 36aa.   I would like to perhaps get her to 42 Dirge so she can put on some Teir 5 mastercrafted.   That I think will be a good level for the big girls and boys to mentor her on a run through Cazic-Thulle as we seek that precious aa for our mains.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend both within and outside Norrath.   Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!

Technical difficulties. Thursday, Feb 19 2009 

As always, hooking up with the boys last night was a bunch of fun.

Arisha tanked us on two flawless shard runs through Crucible and Anathema hoping to get the boys some loot.  Sytiva was also keen to check out his new ring that he won in SoH, so everyone was happy.

*Giggles* The boys thaught it was really funny to make sure Killy earned her lewtz last night.  Both Arisha and Sytiva were wearing that ring, and thaught it would be great to tank both zones entirely (including Codexicon) in offensive at the same time as they were wearing it.    The damage dealt when this ring procs bypasses wards and reactives by the way, so direct heals were required if I was unlucky with the regen proc from Killys gloves.

Arisha thaught it was giggle worthy when Kil healed almost 1.4 million zonewide for Crucible.   I just think that either they have faith in their healer or they are plain mad.  Perhaps it is both 😀

After the group then disbanded, I swapped over to Katyya to work towards when we go into Deathfyst Citadel.   I worked the greenhood line and started on the Shiny Brass Shield.    I logged on Nanytya and she mentored the bard to help her on the heroic Grozmag Trials which was a lot of fun.   It was also super sensational because another guildmate has recently won the Tier 1 Shard Armour recipes, and was able to make a complete set of T1 Void Shard Armour for the Mighty Fae Pally.

At which time the wheels completely fell of last night and I was getting annoyed.    I had both accounts turned right down to the extreme performance, but I kept crashing.   Every time I tried to log in my second account, the account that was already logged on would crash.   In the end it crashed my Operating system and I had to allow Windows time to fix the wiggins it had given its self.    To make things worse it had COMPLETELY reset all my UI when I finally managed to get logged in to EQ2 *grumbles*

I am wondering what to do.   I have a reasonable hardware set up.  I know I have not defragged in what seems like forever, but I have barely used 10% of the capacity of my hard drive.   I dont fiddle, and I dont put on anew software.  I dont do much else on my PC other than Play EQ, check my email, chatter with friends on Skye and MSN, and surf SoE sites. 

I have a Quad Core processor, reasonable motherboard, 2G RAM and a 8800GTS video card.

My question to those who are much more computer savvy than I am – are there settings somewhere that I need to tweak?  Is it just that Vista is a such a resource hog?   I want to be able to two box my girls without crashing every 5 minutes and was getting quite frustrated – le sigh there is my good Scottish temper showing through.  I beg you …. PLEASE HELP!!! :p

In all seriousness though, other than the frustration of technical difficulties at the end of the evening, last night was still a whole bunch of fun as always.  Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!

Is my memory failing me? Wednesday, Feb 18 2009 

Yesterday saw me with a very busy day outside of game – so I didnt end up getting a chance to update my blog.   Not that it matters too much, since really there was not a great deal to mention from our SoH raid.   The raid went very smoothly up until the sisters, but after a couple of very shaky pulls the girls went down and our MA Sytiva now proudly wears that same ring as Arisha won recently.

Last night saw us head to the Execution Throne room to get another raider the wand to kill the Overking.  It was an incredible whirlind of smooshing and healing – in less than 20 minutes we were done.

Then on to Thuuga for the spider queen – and once again after a whirlwind of smooshing and healing we were dancing on her dead drachnid body.   Her exquisite chest held the BEAUTIFUL healer ring, but le sigh Killy missed out on her /rand roll.  Fortunately, it was to a guildmate 🙂

After this, we ran around for a few more minutes and killed all four of the Dominus contested epics before it was time to disband, some folk headed off to bed, and it was not very long to go until server down anyway.

Over the last few days I have been sneaking a little bit of time on the baby bard to work on the Shiny Halberd quest for her.   I have done this on a couple of my girls – it is probably one of the least painful of the HQ’s I remember to be honest.  It is interesting to see how much this quest has changed since Killy first did it – or is it just that my memory is failing me?

Firstly, all the Owlbears have moved to a differrent part of Nek.  Remember when it was REALLY scary to come out of the beach pass and into the start of the forest?   Maybe it is also because I am playing a completely different class, but those bears really didnt seem to hit as hard as I remembered.   And the tiny little baby owlbears are just SOOOOO cute :p

Then it was time to kill the patchwork men for the next set of updates in Gargoyle Gorge.  Previous experience had encouraged me to go to Camp Leott and kill for my update there, but not this time.   There was an absolute abundance of Patchwork Men in the area for my updates …… but where were all those Gargoyles that used to be there?

The next step of the quest was just a trip down to Beheometh pond to fill the flask and run back to the Dragoon, before killing T’Sainne.   I headed to the Gul’Thex citadel, and cleared the skellies in the courtyard.   Within a few short moments they had respawned, I killed them again and the ring event to spawn T’Sainne was started.  I easily killed the level 30 heroic encounters solo on my girl at 38.  This is actually quite impressive to me since Katyya is wearing nothing but tier 3 quest rewards at the moment and her Combat Arts are pretty much all at Apprentice one – she has had NO help at all from Killy.   Now I was looking at T’Sainne and he was a 29 solo mob with no adds????   I have painful memories of camping this mob for what seemed like an eternity, and then dying horribly to him and his adds.

Then it was back to Dragoon K”Nae, kill a couple of Ebon mask assassins and the Shiny Brass Halberd was Katyya’s – along with a whopping 75% of an aa level.   For giggles I then killed K”Nae – well it is all aa you know :p

I was thinking that I might start working the Greenhood line and the Shiny Brass Shield for Katyya when we head in to kill Emperor Fyst in DFC.  I do believe that the mighty Nanytya may need to help the poor baby bardling with those trials though 🙂

After our two nights of fun and games in raid, I am hoping tonight shall be a nice quiet relaxing run with the boys.  Dont really care where we go – just a wee bitty of fun will be nice.

Enough rambling for now – Happy hunting and crafting everyone.

A real mixed bag of goodies. Monday, Feb 16 2009 

This past weekend was another fun filled weekend when I was in Norrath, and a real mixed bag of goodies,

Killy got together with the regulars and we headed through a few shard zones over the duration of the weekend.   There was a couple of trips through Crucible hoping for some lewtz to drop for the boys as well as Caverns of the Afflicted for daily double.  We also ran RE2, Halls of the Forsaken and  Evernight Abbey for some aa for our guild mate Amaijunan.

Killy joined a group with folks from our guild alliance on Friday night, and managed to finish Najenas Hollow for the first time.   I had only been in their once before, and we had gotten as far as the drake that ports you into the lava.    It was a great feeling to smoosh him and that last SUPER HUGE golem :p.   Some very sweet aa for me killing those last couple of named in the zone which was also a great bonus.

After a lovely Saturday afternoon outside of Norrath with family and friends, Saturday night saw  Killy and Sytiva roll on over to mentor some guildmates in Sinking Sands after the shard group had disbanded.  These were the same guildies that we had taken through Roost and Cazels Mesa.    We hunted epics and headed into Silent City for a named hunt.   Once again, some very sweet xp for them, and some aa for Killy too.   Sadly I hit a wall and had to call home early and head out of Norrath before I fell asleep at the controls :p

On Sunday I had signed up for a guild alliance run to Leviathan.   Once again we farmed vials and had a good attempt at him, but we did not see him slain this weekend sadly.  I did however have to cut my run a little short when my Dad called over for lunch and champagne on the balcony overlooking the bay!!!

In between all this fun – I also managed to finish a few quests on my little bardling and chatter a little with Stargrace and Kasul from Najena!!

I was actually quite surprised last night when I handed in my Daily Double.   Killy dinged her second aa point for the weekend and now has 163aa.  This also goes very very nicely with little Katyya so very close to dinging 34aa!

Tonight will see us heading I believe to SoH according to the schedule.  It will be nice as always to catch up with guildmates and friends from out of guild for some fun and chaos.   I am also thinking I had better head quickly and get the Ellorisi day quests done before the live event is over – would hate to miss out on that precious aa.

Hope everyone else had a safe and fun filled weekend too!!  Happy hunting and crafting everyone.

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