I think the word Kaliedoscope is a good way to describe my weekend-that-was ingame.   A real mixed bag of  fun and games.

Friday night saw Kilanna finish both her SoD and Claymore questlines.  While it is not such a huge achievement now, I am still proud to have completed them both – better late than never.   The rewards are not that special now, but they are still pretty nice.  The aa is always welcome, and I did achieve something that I set out to do for the weekend.  I am pretty sure that I could have finished Claymore on my own, but it was much more fun when Arisha and Sytiva pulled entire rooms of Droag in HoF for us to kill for my updates :p

Saturday was also a fun fun day.   Killy and the boys grouped up in the morning and mentored to little Katyya for a run through Crushbone Keep and the D’Vinnian Throne room instance.  There was complete and utter slayage, it was an absolute blast, and I am pretty sure that all of us got almost an entire aa level from the trip.  It was absolutely hilarious – I had switched off Katyya’s combat and quest xp so as to not grey out any of the zone – at one point we switched it back on for all of 2 rooms while she dinged a level and a half  😀

After a lovely afternoon which included friends and Champagne, I returned to Norrath.  We helped some guildmates with quest updates, and then TOTALLY COOL!!!!   I was so excited, the boys took Killy to Veskar 2 for the run she had been looking forward to – well lets face it the trip I had been looking forward to :p   It was a bunch of fun, and went just like clockwork. 

Sunday was another great day in game – even if my internet connection was conspiring to frustrate me :p   The day included my first glimpse at the Leviathan as part of a pick up raid – entirely fantastic for when we attack this as a guild.   We got him down to 2o% before it all went horribly wrong, but it was a FANTASTIC attempt IMHO.

The day also included Killy solo healing a few shard instances – Anathema, Deep Forge, Evernight Abbey and the Crucible.   VERY proud of my girls work, and it was a whole bunch of fun.   We scored an amazing master chest in Crucible with a Master, Fabled Charm for Danonia and I think also a pair of gloves if my memory serves.  I was so pleased that the boys showed faith in Killys ability to solo heal them ….  and she came through with flying colours!

Tonight may or may not be a Shard of Hate run for Killy depending on the situation with the internet connection…. Here is hoping the Sisters go down again in any case.

Hope everyone had an equally fun weekend in Norrath – Happy hunting and crafting.