Over the weekend I managed to blow my permitted monthly dowload limit for my internet connection.  As a result I was throttled to an abominable 64K connection 😦   While I could get by just fine for grouping, there was no way I could possibly raid.

Since I have almost blown my limit for the last four months I decided to up my very conservative download limit to something a little more realistic considering my regular usage.   I was quite happy when I got home and confirmed I was no longer throttled, since now I could happily go along to raid.

I wanted to see the sisters go down again …. and was not dissapointed at all.

We basically walked through the trash and first three named without breaking a sweat.   Dreadlord dropped Vexthorne, Demetrious dropped the Tower shield, and I think Master P dropped the healer bangle if memory serves. 

So on to the sisters we headed.    Exactly as I expected, it took us a couple of pulls to get them down – but we did it and there was a very happy raid force.   I am shocking because I dont even remember what they dropped lol.   I affirm my belief that we will continue to refine how we take this fight… and it will soon become just as comfortable as the rest of the combats in the zone.   This fight is really a team effort and requires communication.   Last night we saw that team work in action.

After raid disbanded, I jumped across to the little bardling and did a bit more questing before heading out of Norrath for the night.  She now finds herself a level 31 Dirge with 25aa.

Tonight we head to KorSha for the first time as a guild, although a few of us have been there before as part of pick up raids.   It is great some have been there before, since we sort of know what to expect.   Judging on our performance as a raid force the last few weeks, I am pretty confident we can give it a good shake up to be honest.    Even if we dont, I am just happy that we are tackling new challenges as a group.

Since it is our first time as a guild I dont presume to be too confident, but the core MT group has all been there before.   I would like to think that we will conquer the first few named, and will not be surprised if we get as far as the twins.   That is as far as I have ever been in the zone myself.   I have heard it said that if the twins go down, then it is not too much of a stretch to take the Overking.   I can almost taste my second Mythical update 😀

Now I have committed this to the written word, and we shall see what actually eventuates tonight – more news tomorrow eh!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their time in Norrath as much as I am.  Happy hunting and crafting everyone 🙂