As I mentioned yesterday, last night was our eagerly anticipated first trip into Kor’Sha as a guild.   I was really confident that we would do ourselves proud.   I had faith in Arisha (MT) and Sytiva (MA), I had faith in our healers.   I was very excited to be hitting a new zone as a guild, and one I have only visited 2 times before. 

And I think we have a lot to be proud of.

As we hit the first trash, I noticed that they did hit back a bit harder than the trash in SoH as expected.   However, we had absolutely NO trouble keeping Arishas health steady, and healing felt very comfortable and controlled to me.

So the time came for us to take the first named, and I was hoping that I didnt let the team down :p   We split the raid force with MT group on the golem upstairs, and Sytiva was pulling the two adds to the bottom of the stairs where the rest of the raid force were waiting to smoosh them.  

First pull just like clockwork, mobs were done.

We then moved on to the second pair of named.    Arisha was to pull Dark to one corner and Sytiva to pull Cruel to the other, with our chanters to mezz the heroic adds.   The raid force killed Cruel, the adds, and then moved on to Dark with the MT group.  

First pull just like clockwork mobs were done.

Then on to the statue.

I wedged myself into a little corner hoping to minimise the problems caused by his knockback.   Arisha activated him, tanked and spanked!!

First pull just like clockwork the mob was done!

Now it was time for the twins.   Given that this is widely regarded as the most difficult encounter in the zone, I expected this would be the focus of our efforts for the evening.

We tried a couple of times pulling the mobs into waterfalls diagonally opposite from each other.  Groups one and three on Zarda, Groups 2 and 4 on Kodux.  That strategy didnt seem to be working for us, so we tried splitting and pulling the mobs into their respective corridors.

This strategy seemed to be going OK.   We were keeping them within about 10 percent of each other most of the time.  The difficulty that we were having with this fight was related to the random teleports (as expected).   As soon as people were getting teleported, the tanks were calling their names and which corridor to bring the mob.  Unfortunately most times the person teleported would end up being killed by the nasty buggers before they could get the mob back to the tank.

We had assigned a dirge and necro for rezzes, but it just seemed the twins were teleporting and killing people too quickly for the rezzers to keep up with.    DPS was slowing as people lay dead for too long, and when one of the MT or MA healers went down it felt like we lost control.  I was getting flustered on our last attempt when Danonia was dead for a great deal of the fight, but didnt want to take my heals of Arisha to try and find and rez her:(

Next week I think we will be looking at making sure we have maybe got an extra dirge or necro for additional rezzes.  It really let us down having people dead for too long.   For those who have conquered this fight, is there something else we have missed?  Why is it that some times it felt like they were teleporting someone every five seconds?

IMHO it was a wonderful first attempt for the zone.  We got both of the mobs down to about 40%, and so I really do think we have a lot to be proud of.  For some reason I get the feeling that we will refine our strategy and conquer this fight more easily than the sisters in SoH.   I look forward to smooshing those nasty buggers I really do!!

Hope everyone else is having lot of fun in Norrath too 🙂   Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!