Anyone who has read more than 2 of my posts knows I am very much an EQ2 fangirl.   I love playing Kilanna and seeing what she can do, I am very fond of my guildmates, and I enjoy getting together with a group of friends and having a good giggle while we smoosh bad guys.

I love the challenge of raids and how busy it is.  For some reason though, each Wednesday evening feels like a wonderful respite after Monday and Tuesday raids.  It is nice to have a night of calm after the chaos.   I am sure Danonia feels that even more keenly after organising and running both raids 😀  

Last night was no different, and Killy grouped together with the boys and just enjoyed a nice leisurely evening taking on Evernight Abbey for the daily double.   One of our guildmates joined us for his Necro’s (Aazzadan) first trip through the zone, and we chatted and giggled while we showed him how the monsters worked :p   Oh and I almost forgot … DING 160aa

At one point Arisha (Raid MT) made me blush a lot when he made a statement about how much he trusted Killy to heal his Pally girl.   Yeah I know I know – it is just a game – but it is nice to know my contribution is valued and how much the group respects my ability as a player.

That zone dispatched, a few of us then helped Aazza with a couple of quest updates real quick, and then I swapped to the little baby bardling.   The following 45 minutes was absolutely hilarious!!!!.  Our guild raid MA (Sytiva – SK) mentored to my little baby 31 dirge, and the two of us decided to head to Ruins of Varsoon to get her some aa.   

We both giggled at the absolute bloodbath as we laid complete and utter waste to everything in our path.   We tromped through the zone and my little bardling emerged with 3 masters to go along with her 2aa and 4 adventure levels.   Yes you read that correctly – 4 adventure levels in 45 minutes. 

So after we had smooshed the ruins and Varsoon himself, that was as much fun as a little lizard could take, and so I bid farewell to Norrath for the evening.

Katyya is now a level 35 dirge with 27aa.  I am not sure if I want to turn off her xp right now and take time to catch up her aa.  Given that grey quests now give xp and aa, I wonder if I just push on and catch up her aa later.  I WILL be stopping her xp shortly so that the boys and Killy can mentor her for a trip through Deathfyst Citadel for the aa. 

At this stage, Katyya has not even set foot into EL or Zek yet, barely touched quests in Nek forest or Thundering Steppes, and still has some content in Butcherblock too.  Really it is very easy to level these tiers.   I was going to make her some new mastercrafted armour and weapons, but *giggles* she will outgrow it before she gets any use at this rate!!

Anyhow, I guess that I had better stop my rambling on for now….. Happy hunting and crafting everyone!!!