I logged in last night with no particular plan in mind or any idea of what I felt like doing.

As soon as I logged in our guild Necro (Aazzadan) invited me to a group to help with an epic update for one of his alts.   Within about 4 minutes  that was done, and we decided to run the Daily Double through Mistmyr Manor.

This was only the second time I had been here and I didnt really remember it much.  I just remember avoiding killing the red coloured ghosts, the guy with the ceiling that falls down, and the nasty Tank/mage twins.

Our raid MA tanked for us (Sytiva), Arisha had a well deserved break from tanking and braught his lil ratty dirge Skittish, Dano braught his coercer, Aazza braught the Necro, with Killy and Topos brig to make up the group.  How happy was I – both a dirge and coercer!!!  close to 90% heal crit, power regen, coercive healing …..  I loved it!

I thaught it was a huge show of faith that the boys had me solo heal – and thankfully I didnt let them down too much.   There were a couple of combats which I could definitely have healed better… but all in all it didnt go too badly IMHO.  

We moved through the zone steadily, crept through many a secret passage, and worked the scripts.  One of the red ghosts got caught on the stairs.  With a lot of skill and a little luck Topo aggro the mob, it reset, and we were able to continue on!

We decided to leave the curator (the guy with the falling ceiling) until after we had done the twins and gotten our chests.  Finally we were facing the twins, and I swear I must have been asleep last time we did them since I had so little memory of the combat.  I did an absolutely HORRIBLE job of healing the first pull, but we got them on the second pull thank goodness!!  That fight is all about curing that darn Elemental DoT which I seemed to have trouble curing off some people first pull *sigh*

A quick run down to completely spank the curator (group DPS between 20 and 21K for the fight) and 4 shards were ours!!

The group started to disband at this point, so I swapped to the bardling and suggested a run through RE to Sytiva.  Arisha swapped back to the pally and came along too – and once again we completely obliterated everything in our path – it was SOOOO much fun!  Complete rooms of yellow and orange mobs were shaking in their boots ;p  I was lucky to get off my encounter mitigation debuff before everything was dead lol.

Absolutely unbelievable, but my little girl dinged another 3 and a bit levels as well as 2 aa.   My loot dice were loaded last night too and Katyya won another couple of masters to put on the broker, and a lovely mage staff that I think she might give to Shazza for when she dings a couple more levels.  

Definitely now Katyyas combat and quest xp are getting turned off until after we have mentored our mains through Deathfyst Citadel.  I am still trying to work out if it is better to try catching up some aa now, or just get her adventure levels and catch up aa later.    I shall have to discuss this with my trusted advisors tonight (unless he comments here first :p)

By that time I think we were ALL ready to faceplant our keyboards, so we all bid goodnight to Norrath for another day!!!  

No idea what is in store for this weekend, but looking forward to having a look to see if that server down last night my time means any changes (although I do think it might have just been regular maintainance).     Katyya only has 29 aa, so I can see some dirge questing in the mix of fun – thank goodness for this questlist site to help me keep track.  Obviously with 8 levels in 2 nights she has absolutely no adventure vitality left what so ever, but that wont matter for just seeking aa.

Other than that – hoping everyone has a lovely fun weekend.   Happy hunting and crafting!!!